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You will be taken to our secure online shopping cart, but no payment or credit card is needed. You just need to provide us with some basic contact information to allow for the PDF delivery to you via e-mail. We would also like your feedback so please reply to the e-mail with your feedback about the directory.

The Internet is a big space

The Internet is a massive resource and we are very aware of the free alternative resources for directory information. Google searches, Wikipedia, GSMA, CDMA Development Group and various other websites and associations all offer directories and lists of varying quality. As part of a business plan or significant marketing effort to understand a market these free resources only deliver on a small percentage of your needs. Having said that many professionals will still persevere in trying to achieve their operator research goals without spending any budget. If you have the spare time and patience to research a database yourself then this option is probably for you. 

Your needs, do you have the time?

You are driving your business through the ongoing global crisis, you have already stream lined your research teams, taken on the work of multiple managers and are already missing opportunities ... perhaps free is a much heavier price tag than it sounds. The paid for research has taken 4 years of ongoing research from multiple researchers and draws on the skills of a team who have developed this type of research as their profession. 

Taking the new MNO Directory as an example, the directory contains over 800 operations. Assuming you can research each operator in just 5 minutes (which is staggeringly quick) then you could make your own free MNO Directory in 66 hours (assuming no breaks or fatigue - including just getting bored, frustrated or diverted to your ongoing job). Our in-house effort took 3 months. But assuming you can do it in 8 working days working flat out, now is the time to compare your value to your company to a labour cost of 8 days (bearing in mind it took our team 3 months). The single user PDF price of The MNO Directory 2011 is GBP 995.00. Your own in-house cost is?

Still want free? Then here it is...

The decision of whether you can afford to do your own research while missing opportunities is only one you can make. 

To save you some time you can now access our own free list of operations based upon the 2009 edition of the Blycroft MNO Directory. 

This list represents what you would find by visiting many sites. The list does not contain named contacts, any subscriber data or network technology information. The list will also be out of date as it will contain operators which have ceased trading, been taken over, changed their contact information and significantly it does not contain new operators to the market.

Please feel free to use our free directory. 

If you have questions about the paid for (up to date, more detailed and much more efficient) directory series then please contact us. Further details of each directory can also be found within the menu to the left.