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The main focus of our directories series is to provide telecoms professionals with the information they require to contact the decision makers within the global telecoms industry. This directory contains 2,220 named contacts spread across 458 fixed line operators.

Out of the total 2,220 named contacts there are 329 Chief Executive Officers, 202 Chief Financial Officers, 133 Chief Technology Officers and 71 Chief Information Officers, 57 Chief Operating Officers, 117 Chief Marketing Officers, 55 Commercial Officers, 109 Chief Human Resources Officers, 54 Customer Care Officers and 85 managers identified as being in charge of regulatory issues. Please note that in researching the directory certain job titles were matched with the above job types. For instance, General Directors / Director Generals have been classed as CEOs. The remaining contacts are managers from multiple disciplines ranging to Vice Presidents through to Heads of strategically important departments.

Therefore the directory is best used for contacting the most senior officers within individual operators. However, it also works as an excellent starting point in finding key executives within unique departments.

The directory does not provide any e-mail addresses or direct dial telephone numbers.