MNO Directory

Mobile Network Operators of the World 2012

Profiles contain company contact information, ownership and network technology information, subscriber data and management contacts. It is not always possible to provide 100% complete profiles, please view the samples included within the regional pages to see what a typical profile contains.

Contact info: Main telephone number(s), fax number, address and brand URL. Where a main telephone number is not available and the company has not offered one, we have listed a customer service number or similar rather than no number. In some instances this is in fact a main number too.

Ownership: Name of parent company and URL.

Network tech: GSM/CDMA/iDEN, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and included new for 2011, 4G (LTE and WiMAX). The directory contains a lot of network technology information including HSDPA, HSUPD and HSPA+. Please note the directory does not provide a definitive listing of all active operators for each technology, the directory does not aim to list networks in trial status phases.

Management: Over 3,200 contacts across 800+ MNO profiles

Mark Thomas,
2 Nov 2012, 03:20