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A Mukhopadhyay, Chief Technology Officer
A. N. Rai, Director of Enterprise & Human Resource Development
A.K.M Morshed, Chief Technical Officer
A.S.M. Sakib Sikder, Head of Legal
Aadan Shiekh Doon, General Manager
Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Marketing Officer
Aaron P. Maddox, Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Analytics
Abai Kolanov, Director of Regional Development
Abbad Reda, Chief Information Officer
Abbas Hussein, Sudacad Executive Manager
Abdalla Al-Fadil Ali Fayet, Services General Manager
Abdalla Elfadil Ali Fayet, General Manager, Corporate Services
Abdallah Nassar, Technology Director
Abdellatif Bouziani, General Manager
Abdel-Raheem Abu Zaydeh, Financial Controller
Abdeslam Ahizoune, President
Abdias Coulibaly, Director of Information Technology
Abdirizak Ido, President
Abdou Kane, Director of Technology
Abdoulaye Cisse, Director of Finance
Abdourahman Mohamed Hassan, Chief Executive Officer
Abdramane Diallo, Director of Marketing
Abdul Ejaz Azhar Jameel, Circle Business Head
Abdul Ismail, Chief Executive Officer
Abdul Qadir Kharadi, Regional Manager, Sales & Service Center – South
Abdul Satar Mohamed, Chief Network Officer
Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Qatie, Chief Financial Officer
Abdulaziz Al Sawaleh, Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Abdulaziz Altamami, Chief Operating Officer
Abdulghani Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer
Abdulla Issa Al-Rawahy, Chief Strategy Officer
Abdullah Hussain Zawiah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Abdullah M. Alhomeadan, Vice President for Human Capital
Abdullah Yousef, S.E.V.P (Special Projects)
Abdullatif Hamad Dafallah, Chief Financial Officer
Abdulrahman Osman, Chief Executive Officer
Abdus Saboor, Head of PMO Supply Chain
Abduvali Vakhabov, Chief Executive Officer
Abel Bogatsu, General Manager Finance
Abhay Seth, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Abiamri Mahmoud, Director General
Aboubacar Sadikh Diop, Director of Finance
Abraham Foss, Leader for Business
Abraham Teck, Director Network Services
Abrasha Burstyn, Chief Executive Officer
Achim Freyer, Vice President Enterprise
Achim Weusthoff, Director, Customer Service
Adail Ortiz Santiago, Chief Finance Officer
Adam Kuriański, Chief Executive Officer
Adamou Sambaré, Director of Information Systems
Adamu Arony, Chief Information Services Officer
Adel Al Mutawa, Executive Director - Group Communications
Adel Almohaya, Marketing and Sales Director
Adel Daylami, General Manager Enterprise Division
Adel Mohammad Al-Roumi, Chairman of the Board
Adele Waugh, Inventory Specialist
Adewale Sangowawa, Executive Director, Human Resources
Adhiruth Thothaveesansuk, Managing Director - Convergence Business and Managing Director - Business Customer
Adnan Hassan, Director Sales & Service Center
Adnan Hayee, Chief Financial Officer
Adolfo Avalos, Head of Engineering
Adolfo Montenegro , President and Chief Executive Officer
Adrián Calaza , Director of Administration, Finance and Control
Adrian Moreno, Operations Director
Adrian Moss, Chief Financial Officer
Adriana Kohner, Manager, Telefónica Global Technology Argentina
Adriana Lyamba, Customer Service Director
Aelish Flynn, Financial Director
Afirmó Erwin Duncan, Vice President of Network Technology
Afizulazha Abdullah, Chief Operations, Advanced Data
Agha Qasim, Vice President Corporate Affairs
Ago Bazaa Bawbady, Director of Commerce and Marketing
Aguinaldo Wahnon, Vice President, Legal & Regulatory, General Counsel
Ahammad Jubaer Ali, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy
Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, Group Chief Executive Officer
Ahmad Al Hanandeh, Chief Executive Officer
Ahmad Bin Byat, Chairman of the Board
Ahmad Jaghoub, Director of Engineering
Ahmed Abou Doma, Chief Executive Officer
Ahmed El Gazzah, Analysis and Strategy Manager
Ahmed Essam, Consumer Business Unit Director
Ahmed Jaber Alfaifi, Chief Operating Officer
Ahmed Khalfan Al Mutawa, Chief Financial Officer
Ahmed Mamadou Cisse, Director General
Ahmed Maumoon, Director Marketing
Ahmed Mohamed Didi, Director Human Resources
Ahmed Mohamed Fady, Chief Technical Officer
Ahmed Mokhles, Chief Commercial Officer
Ahmed Nadeem Pasha, Regional Director – South-1
Ahmed Safrar, Chief Customer Experience Officer
Ahmed Yousef Al-Derbasti, Executive Director, International Service
Aida Dossayeva, Director for Corporate Communications
Aida Štajnbauer, Economic and Finance Director
Aidan Karibzhanov, Chairman
Aileen Tan, Group Director (Human Resource)
Aivar Karu, Billing and IT Manager
Ajay Mathur, Chief Commercial Officer
Akshaya Moondra, Chief Financial Officer
Alaa Hijazi, Sales Director
Alain Kahasha, Managing Director
Alain Lugunda, Networks Director
Alain Moustard, Director of Information Systems
Alain Niccolai, Deputy Director General Commercial / customers
Alan Bates, Chief Executive Officer
Alan Brown, Business Sales Director
Alan D. Ferber, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Brand Officer
Alan D. Horn, C.A., Chief Executive Officer
Alan Goh, Director, Information Systems
Alan Gourdie, Chief Executive Officer
Alan Price Mbida, Commercial and Marketing Director
Alan Sevier, Vice President
Alan Sinfield, Chief Executive Officer
Alassane DIENE, Director General
Alban Kastrati, Head of Public Relations
Albern Murty, Chief Marketing Officer
Albert Zerafa, Gateway Business Manager
Alberto M. de Larrazabal, Chief Financial Officer
Alberto Ripepi, Chief Technology Officer
Alberto Silva, Strategy and Marketing Director
Aldo Frick, Head of Infrastructure
Aledi Pidang, Director of Studies, Planning and Information
Alejandro Soto Zúñiga, Director General
Alek Krstajc, Chief Executive Officer
Aleksander Popovskiy, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Alessandro Talotta, Head of National Wholesale Services
Alex Christopher Kiel, Chief Financial Officer
Alex D’Souza, General Manager, Human Resources
Alex Gibson, Chairman
Alex McDonald, Country Manager
Alex O. Caeg, Head, International and Carrier Business Group
Alex Shalaby, Chairman of the Board
Alex Siow, Head, Enterprise Risk Management and Business Excellence
Alex Tan, Director, Product Development
Alex Tasker, Commercial Director
Alex Tiajkih, Technical Deputy Director General
Alex Waldemar Zornig, Chief Finance Officer
Alexander Barinov, Director General
Alexander Dimitrov, Chief Commercial Officer
Alexander Lezgovko, Chief Technical Officer
Alexander Provotorov, President
Alexander Rogovoy, Vice-President for Legal Affairs and Corporate Development
Alexander Sperl, Chief Marketing Officer
Alexandra Drevenlid, Technical Director
Alexandre Froment-Curtil, Head of Marketing
Alexandre Lemoues, Director of Finance and Control
Alexandre Popovic, Head of Legal
Alexei Semenov, Chief Executive Officer
Alexey Kornya, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Alexey Nashchekin, Vice President for Innovative Development
Alexis AITCHEOU, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Alfia Gataullina, Deputy Director for Sales, Dealer Network Development and Direct Sales
Alfons Lösing, Chief Wholesale Officer
Alfonso Gómez Palacio, President
Alfonso Lara López, Chief Finance Officer
Alfredo Batista, Executive Director, Technology and Wholesale
Alfredo Escobar San Lucas, Chief Executive Officer
Alfredo Parot Donoso, Chief Technology and Operating Officer
Alhassane Roni, Director of External Relations
Ali Ağan, Chief Executive Officer
Ali Al Ahmed, Group Chief Strategy Officer
Ali Amin Sattar, Chief Strategy Officer
Ali Asgharzadeh, Chief Executive Officer
Ali Bazzi, Technical Director
Ali Ghodbani, Chief Executive Officer
Ali Gürler, Head of ICT
Ali Naji Nassar, Chairman of the Board
Ali Riyaz, Director Customer Service and Sales
Ali Yılmaz, Vice President Sales
Aliana Rozenek, Chief Human Resources Officer
Alice Kariuki, Legal and Regulatory Affairs Director
Alicia Calvo, Innovation Director
Alioune Ndiaye, Director General
Alireza Ghalambor Dezfouli, Chief Executive Officer
Alison Ko, General Counsel, Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Allain Bridard, Head of IT and Networks
Allan Jørgensen, Business Development Director
Allen Lew Yoong Keong, Chairman
Allen Lew, Chief Executive Officer
Alloisus Mohan Ramaiah, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs CRL
Almaz Kochonov, Head of the Center on Work with Abonents in Southern Region
Alo Jalgma, Head of Base Control Network
Altaf Ladak, Chief Operating Officer
Alvaro Badiola Guerra, Chief Executive Officer
Álvaro Frias Oliveira, Head of Engineering and Planning Division
Amadou Abdel Azizi, Technical Advisor to the Director General
Amah Bouwèbou, Director of Audit and Control
Amaizo Folly Ekoue, Director of Distribution
Amalia Glaser, Partner's Spokesman and Head of the Communications and Corporate Governance Division
Amanda Lambert, Sales Director
Amanda Nelson, Chief Finance Officer
Amar Nath Singh, Managing Director
Amaresh Kumar, Chief Product Officer
Ambrish Jain, Deputy Managing Director
Ambroise Abalo, Director of Human Resources and Administration
Ambrose Dlamini, Chief Executive Officer
Ameer Ahmed Al-Ameer Yousef, Chief Executive Officer
Amer Aman Khan , Head of Sales & Distribution
Amer Atwi, Managing Director
Amer bin Awadh Al-Rawas, Chief Executive Officer
Ami Erel, Chairman of the Board
Amilcar Safeca, Chief Technology Officer
Amin Fahad Al Shiddi, Vice President for Finance Saudi Arabia
Aminata DIAWARA, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Amir Eljawajoli, Sudaservices Executive Manager
Amir Zai Sangin, Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Amit Lang, Senior Director Business Development and Regulation
Amith Maharaj, Managing Director, Mobile
Amjad Al-Bishtawi, Applications Director
Amjad Frouqa, Director of Quality, Business Continuity & Information Security
Amma Benneh-Amponsah, Human Resources Executive
Ammar Aker, Chief Executive Officer
Amon Jere, Chief Commercial Officer
Amos Maor, Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain
Amy LUNG, Chief Operating Officer
Ana María Cáceres García, Director of Commucation
Ana Radulović, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Anabelle L. Chua, Chief Financial Officer
Anand Prakash, Chief Operating Officer
Anand Vadapalli, Chief Executive Officer
Ananda Bose, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Anatoliy Klimashevskyy, Chief Information Officer
Anders Bade, Chief Finance Officer
Anders Barslund, Tele Director
Anders Jensen, Senior Executive Vice President, Consumer
Anders Tillander, Head of Consumer
Andis Locmelis, Chief Financial Officer
André Krause, Chief Finance Officer
Andrea Cocherová, Director of Field Communications and Brand
Andrea Della Balda, Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Folgueiras, Managing Director Network Technology
Andrea Kopná, Director of Human Resources
Andrea Wood, Chief Legal Officer
Andrea Worrell, Head of Customer Care
Andreas Graf, Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Gregori, Chief Commercial Officer Residential
Andreas Maierhofer, Chief Executive Officer
Andreea Popescu, Customer Service Director
Andrei Chirică, President of the Board of Directors
Andrei Dubovskov, President and Chief Executive Officer
Andrei Marc Torriani, Chief Executive Officer
Andrei Ushatskiy, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Andreja Štirn, Business Intelligence Centre Director
Andrew Aparico, Chief Architect
Andrew C. LaBrunda, Vice President of Information Technology
Andrew Davies, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Gayle, Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Guszcza, Chief Finance Officer
Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer
Andrew Jones, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Kidu, Senior Counsel
Andrew KWOK, International Business Director
Andrew LEE, Commercial Director, Wholesale and Business Market
Andrew M. Geisse, Senior Executive Vice President – Business and Home Solutions
Andrew Penn, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Safronyuk, General Director
Andrey E. Patoka, Vice-president, Head of B2B
Andrey Krasilnikov, IT Director
Andrey Smelkov, Chief Executive Officer
Andria Ramaherijaona, Chief Enterprise Officer
Andriy Osadchuk, Member of the Board, Director for Legal and Regulatory Support
Andrus Hiiepuu, Director of Service Provider Business Unit
Andrus Hiyepuu, Head of Operations
Andualem Admassie, Chief Internal Audit Officer
Andy Bridson, Chief Commercial Officer
Angela Flom, Vice President of Billing and Roaming
Angela Nganga - Mumo, Head of Corporate Communications
Angela Schneider, General Manager
Angelica Mark, Financial Controller
Angeline Vere, Company Secretary and Legal Advisor
Angélique Berge, Client Support Director
Ângelo Paupério, Chief Executive Officer
Angus Steele, General Manager
Anil K Tandon, Chief Technology Officer
Anil Sachdev, Director, Legal Services
Anita Avianty, Head of Corporate Communications
Anja Marjetič, Head of Public Relations
Ann Pickering, Human Resources Director
Ann Saxton, Vice President and Treasurer
Anna Björk Bjarnadóttir, Head of Residential Market
Anna Gatti, Director Experience, Transformation & Capability
Anna Seryabrenikova, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate (Company) Secretary
Anne Birgitte Kverum, Chief Human Resources Officer
Anne Cambier, Chief Procurement and Process Officer
Anne Grant, Director, Customer Service
Annette M. Jacobs, Senior Vice President and Area President, West Area 
Annette Otto, Vice President of Human Resources
Annie Okonkwo, Founder and Chairman
Ann-Louise Hansen, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Antanas Juozas Zabulis, President and Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Booth, Chief Customer Officer
Anthony Hellegers, Director Corporate Development
Anthony Lacavera, Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Mahler, Chief Marketing Officer
Anthony Masozera, Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Masunga, General Manager Mobile
Anthony Ritch, General Manager
Antoine Levavasseur, Information Systems Director
Antoine Pamboro, Director General
Anton Khozyainov, Senior Vice-President
Anton Kudryashov, Country Manager
Antonin Kossou, Director of Audit and Internal Affairs
Antonio Büchi Buc, General Manager
Antonio Carlos Valente da Silva, President
António Coimbra, Chief Executive Officer
Antonio Migliardi, Head of Human Resources
Antonio Stubbs, Senior Vice-President, Technical Services, Transformation and Planning
Antonis Tzortzakakis, Acting Chief Commercial Officer
Antony Susilo, Chief Financial Officer
Anuar bin Rozhan, Chief Solutions Officer
Apostolos Pagkoutsos, Chief Technology Officer
Arash Behgoo, Core Network Operations and Performance Manager
Argo Virkebau, Chief Finance Officer
Arif M Moslehuddin, Vice President, Administration
Arild E. Hustad, Chief Executive Officer
Arild Kaale, Chief Marketing Officer
Arindam Chakrabarty, Sales Director
Aristarchos Karousos, Retail Director
Aristide Fatogoma Sanon, Technical Officer
Aristos Riris, Senior Manager - Networking
Arnaud Castille, Director of Administration and Finance
Arne Boch Andersen, Vice President of Development
Arnold Van Eeckhout, Legal Director
Arnon Tubtiang, President
Arnur Nurkatov, Chief Financial Officer
Artem Nits, Finance Director, Member of the Board
Arua Taravatu, Head of Corporate Services
Arul Bright, Chief Operating Officer
Arul Vaz, Head of Roaming & VAS
Asem Abdelwahab, Operation Executive Manager
Asher Yaqub Khan, Chief Commercial Officer
Ashley Ratcliffe, Head of Corporate Integrity & Risk
Ashraf Halim, Vice President, Commercial
Ashraf Helal, Customer Care Director
Asif Rahman, Executive Vice President, Planning Technology
Asimov Jafar, Director of Billing Department
Askar Yesserkegenov, Chief commercial director
Asko Känsälä, Executive Vice President, Consumer Customers
Aslam Khan, Managing Director
Assaad Abousleiman, Chief Technology Officer 
Assaad Kairouz, Chief Commercial Officer 
Assistan Monékata, SME Director
Assitan Moneka, Director of Commercial Enterprises
Asta Rantanen, Vice President, Legal Affairs
Atalanta Possenti, Head of People and Facilities
Atanas Dobrev, Chief Finance Officer
Atcha-Dedji Affoh, Director General
Athifa Ali, Director International, Legal and Regulatory
Athueck Asvanund, Vice Chairman and Group General Counsel
Atif Ahmad, Vice President, Information Technology
Atiq Ahmad, Chief Technical Officer
Attila Keszég, Chief Sales and Services Officer
Atty. Solomon M. Hermosura, Corporate Secretary
Atty. V. Froilan M. Castelo, Head - Corporate and Legal Services Group
August Baumann, Chief Executive Officer
Avi Berger, Vice President, Technologies
Avi Gabbay, Chief Executive Officer
Avi Kalfa, Vice President Business Division
Avi Patir, Chief Technology Officer
Avnish Jindal, Chief Financial Officer
Ayman Masri, Chief Marketing Officer
Aymé Makuta, Director of Sales
Ayotunde Kuponiyi, Director, Telebanking
Aziz ASSAD, Finance Director
Azmi Bin Ujang, Head of Compliance and Government Liaisons
Baba A. DIOMANDE, Director of Systems and Information
Baboucarr J. Sanyang, Managing Director, Gamcel
Babu Mohanlal Panchal, Director
Badara Mbye, Managing Director
Bahattin Aydın, Chief Human Resources Officer
Bakara M. Diallo, Legal and Tax Officer
Bakir Ćelosmanović, Human Resource and Legal Affairs Director
Baku Ahmed Kerimov, Chief Finance Officer
Balázs Máthé, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer
Balbinder Panesar, Chief Financial Officer
Balesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer
Bambang Supriogo, Head of Corporate Secretary Group
Bambino Masoko, General Manager Fixed
Banchong PHETSYDENG, Deputy Director General
Bandylko Tamara Vasilyevna, Sales and Customer Service Deputy Director General
Baraniko Tonganibeia, Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Gorše, Customer Sector Director
Barbora Stejskalová, Human Resources Director
Barna Kutvolgyi, Managing Director - Global Consumer
Barry Nothstine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Barry O'Brien, General Manager
Bart Hofker, Director of Consumer Business Unit
Bart Van Den Meersche, Executive Vice President Enterprise
Bart Verkruijssen, Chief Executive Officer
Bartosz Dobrzyński, Chief Marketing Officer
Bassam Hannoun, Chief Executive Officer
Bassel Jamaleddine, Chief Executive Officer
Batyr A.Makhanbetazhiyev, Chief Director for strategic management
Batzorig Begzsuren, Chief Executive Officer
Bavo E. Mzee, IT Director
Beatrice Singano, Director of Regulatory & Corporate Communications
Beck György, Chairman
Ben Cheick HAIDARA, Director General
Ben Dowd, Business Sales Director
Benjamin Ho, Executive Vice President, Marketing
Benoit Fleury, President and Chief Executive Officer
Benoit Janin, Commercial Director
Benoît Scheen, Executive Vice President, Operations in Europe (except France)
Berhane Tesfaselassie, General Manager
Berit Svendsen, Chief Executive Officer
Berkley Wickham, Director, General Services
Bermet Birnazarova, Administrative Director
Bernard Bricault, Vice President, Technical Quality, Consumer Services
Bernard Jean Luc Moscheni, Member of the Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer
Bernard Sisay, Commercial Director
Bernard Yacoub, Chief Technical Officer
Bernd Schmutterer, Chief Finance Officer
Bertrand Guillot, President
Beston Tshinsele, Director General
Betty Mwangi, General Manager, Financial Services
Bianca Maria Martinelli, Public and Legal Affairs Director
Bianka Baldizón, Director of Enterprise Sales
Biioliddin Salakhiddin Uulu, Chief Executive Officer
Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Sales & Distribution
Biliguun Batbold, President
Bill Bryson, Vice President
Bill Chang, Executive Vice President (Business)
Bill Gaukel, Vice President of Retail Sales
Bill Malloy, Chief Marketing Officer
Bill Sayles, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Business Transformation
Bill White, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility
Bin Jarsh, Chief Executive Officer
Birago Moctar Beye, Director of Information Systems
Birgitte Lund, Chief Finance Officer
Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir, Head of Residential
Bjørn Ivar Moen, Leader for Product and Business Development
Bob Berner, Executive Vice President Network and Chief Technology Officer
Bob Boaldin, President
Bob Johnson, Chief Service and Information Technology Officer
Bogdan Bogdanov, Investor Relations Director
Bogdan Rotunjanu, IT Director
Bola Akingbade, Chief Marketing Officer
Bolor Dorjnamjil, Chief Executive Officer
Boris Akulov, Chief Executive Officer
Boris Bartsits Beslanovich, General Director
Boštjan Škufca Zaveršek, Sales Director
Bosun Hambolu, Head, Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Bougonou Djanaye Youssouf, Technical Advisor to the Director General
Bounsaleumsay KHENNAVONG, Deputy Director General Planning and Cooperation Department
Božidar Poldrugač, Chief Technical and Chief Information Officer
Bradley J. Horwitz, Manager, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trilogy International Partners
Brain AZEMCHAP, Marketing and Communication Director
Brandi Lyles, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations
Branimir Marić, Chief Technology and Information Officer
Branka Pavosevic, Chief Human Resources Officer
Branka Skaramuča, Chief Human Resources Officer
Branko Radujko, Director General
Brelotte BÂ, Director of International Operator Relations
Brenda Barbour, Account Manager
Brenda Tarimel , Chief Technical Officer
Brendan Moran, Head of Consumer Operation
Brendon Riley, Chief Operations Officer
Breno Rodrigo Pacheco de Oliveira, Secretary General
Brent Olson, President
Brett Goschen, Chief Executive Officer
Brian G. Keating, Vice President - Human Resources & Administration
Brian Hurley, Head of Business Sales
Brian J. O’Neil, General Counsel and Secretary
Brian Karokola, Marketing Director
Brian Mingo, Chief Communication Officer
Brian Stacy, Vice President - Business Service Centers & Government Support
Brian Taylor, Chief Finance Officer
Brice Scheschuk, Chief Finance Officer
Bridget Jumbe, Human Resources Director
Bruce J Akhurst, Group Managing Director
Bruno Chauvat, Executive Vice President Strategy & Content
Bruno Duthoit, Chief Executive Officer
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Director of Technology
Bruno Mettling, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group Human Resources
Bruno Valat, General Manager
Brutus S.Diakité, Information Systems Officer
Bryan Gonzales, Human Resources Director
Bryan Stanley, Executive Director of Sales
Buddhi Prasad Acharya, Finance and Company Secretary
Burak Sevilengül, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer
Byron CHIANG, Technology and Operations Director, Fixed Network
C.J. Duvall, Vice President of Human Resources
C.M.S. Smits-Nusteling, Chief Finance Officer
Cam McMillan, VP Wireline Operations
Cameron Zubko, Head of Marketing
Carel Begeer, Chief Business Development Officer
Carl Culmer, VP Field Operations
Carl Leon Guerrero, Vice President of Operations
Carlos Alves Duarte, Executive Director, Corporate Business and Information Systems
Carlos Caceres, Chief Executive Officer
Carlos Gazol, Director of Events and Key Accounts
Carlos Guariglia, Director
Carlos Guri, Marketing Director
Carlos Reyes Montaño, President
Carlos Rivera Salinas, Director
Carlos W. Yanogo, Marketing Director
Carlos Zenteno de los Santos, Chief Executive Officer
Carlotta Ventura, Head of Domestic Media
Carmel Mulhern, Company Secretary
Carmelina Collado, Director of Customer Service
Carmine Reppucci, Chief Finance Officer
Carolina Cosse, President
Carolyn Hanson, Director of Marketing and Sales
Carsten Dilling, Senior Executive Vice President & COO
Carsten Schloter, Chief Executive Officer
Carsten Wreth, Chief Executive Officer
Carter S. Elenz, Executive Vice President, Sales and Customer Service
Casper Kondo Chihaka, Managing Executive: Wholesale services
Cassidy R. Kersten, Director of Corporate Communications
Catalina Chávez, Director of Corporate Responsibility
Catherine Hufana-Ang, Head - Internal Audit
Catherine M. Coughlin, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer
Catherine Moyer, General Manager
Catherine Rumillat, Chief Executive Officer
Cecile Umana, Chief Human Resources Officer
Cecilia Edstrom, Senior Vice President and Director of Communications
Cedric Renson, Director of Supply Chain
Cemal Baki, Senior Network Director
Cemil Yıldırım, Chief Administrative Affairs Officer
Cenk Bayrakdar, Chief Product and Service Management Officer
Cesar Regalado, General Manager
Cesare Sironi, Head of Innovation & Industry Relations
Chady Slim, Operations Director
Chaiyod Chirabowornkul, Chief Customer Officer
Chaiyut Santananukarn, Head of Information Technology
Chan Ching Cheong, Executive Director and Group Managing Director
Chan Hoi San, Head, Human Resources
Chan Kin Hung, Head, Products and Solutions
Chan Nam Klong, Chief Customer and Channels Officer
Chan Weng Keong, General Manager, Management Assurance Services
Chandika Vitharana, Senior General Manager Sales & Distribution
Chandra Hawan Aden, Head of Regulatory and Government Relations
Chandramohan Villavarayan, Chief Operating Officer
Chang Min-yu, Chairperson
Chang Xiaobing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Chanthavone Sosamphan, Deputy General Director
Chao Punrungchitti, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy - Enterprise Effectiveness
Chari TVT, Chief Financial Officer
Charles A Banda, Company Secretary
Charles Desmarquest, Supply Chain Mangement Director
Charles Dwight Vinson, President
Charles Hammond, Chief Executive Officer
Charles Kamoto, Chief Commercial Officer
Charles Millogo, Director of Tecnology
Charles Moore, Vice President, Market Finance & Control
Charles Sabeya Mkandawire, Chief Information Officer
Charles Wunsch, General Counsel, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary
Charlie Bernstein, Chief Commercial Officer
Charlotta Rehman, Head of Business
Charlotte Mokoena, Managing Executive: Global services
Chatchaval Jiaravanon, Director and Managing Director - Group Investment
Chee Loo Fun, Senior Adviser for Consumer Marketing
Cheikh Sarr, Director of Marketing
Cheikh Thiandoume, Marketing Director
Cheikh Tidiane Mbaye, President and Director General
Chekushina Gulnara, Head of Legal Department
Chester L. Ballot, President
Chief Maan Lababidi, Chairman of the Board
Chiril Gaburici, Chief Executive Officer
Chow Chee Yan, Head of Internal Audit
Chris Bryant, Assistant General Manager
Chris Hayman, Sales Director
Chris Krupski, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Lau, Director of Future Services
Chris Mishmash, Wireless and Facilities Manager
Chris Peirce, Chief Corporate Officer
Chris Quin, Chief Executive Officer
Chris Tobit, Chief Executive Officer
Chris Townson, Manager of Customer Service and Support
Christian Costa, Chief Finance Officer
Christian Daigneault, Chief Technology Officer
Christian Fuchs, Chief Finance Officer
Christian Gilbert NGONO ONGUENE, Chief Technical Officer
Christian Nieng, Manager Human Resources & Administration
Christian P. Illek, Director of Marketing
Christian Petit, Head of Residential Customers
Christian Thrane, Head of Strategy and Business Transformation
Christiane ADOVELANDE, Director of Administration and Human Resources
Christiane David, General Manager, IT
Christina Kharazia, Chief Finance Officer
Christina Lasaqa, Manager Sales & Operations
Christina Mwansa, Managing Executive-Legal and Regulatory
Christine Albanel, Executive Vice President Communication, Philanthropy, Content Strategy
Christine B. Kornegay, Senior Vice President, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
Christine Zubko, Head of Finance
Christof Bernet, Head of Business Clients
Christoph Ganswindt, Director of Information Technology
Christoph Norgaard, Vice President of Consumer
Christopher Alan Robbins, Chief Customer Officer
Christopher C. Elma, Vice President, Treasury and Tax
Christopher Diswai, Head of Programme Management
Christopher Felix, Vice President - Federal Government Sales
Christopher J. Wilson, Vice President and General Counsel
Christopher Laska, Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Manaog, Head Of Products
Christopher Mattheisen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Sogabule, Manager Western Region
Chu Ka Yee, Company Secretary
Chua Sock Koong, Group Chief Executive Officer
Chuks Okoh, Director of Compliance
Ciaran Burke, Financial Controller
Cícero Domingos Penha, Vice President of Human Resources
Cindy Bilyea, Vice Chairman
Ciril Kafol, Chief Executive Officer
Claire RICHER, Marketing and communication Manager
Clare Gill, General Manager, Government and Corporate Affairs
Claude Arrigoni, Director of Strategy and Resources
Claude Bassil, General Manager
Claude Foisy, Vice President, Brand Management, Consumer Services
Claudemir Molina, Director of Finance
Claudia Landivar, Head of Cusomer Relations
Claudio Bermúdez Aquart, Director General, Telecoms
Claudio Hidalgo, Chief Executive Officer
Claudio Muñoz Zúñiga, President
Claudio Zezza, Chief Finance Officer
Cliff Lai, Co-President
Cole Brodman, Chief Marketing Officer
Colin E. Holland, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Operations
Colin J. Williams, Chairman of the Board
Colin Shea, Vice President for Strategy and Planning
Colm Breheny, Director of New Business Development
Connie Egger, Senior Executive Assistant/Records Management Officer
Conor Curley, Chief Finance Officer
Conrad J. Hunter, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Constance Capdenat, Director of Marketing and Communication
Constantinos Michaelides, Senior Manager - Technical Support
Corentin Maigné, Director, Financial Department
Corey Dominichini, Head of Operations
Cormac Hodgkinson, Director of Customer Service and Experience
Cornelia Elisabeth Sonntag, Chairman of the Board
Cornelius B. Prior Jr., Chairman
Coşkun Şahin, Chief Technology Officer
Costas Apostolou, Chief Finance Officer
Coumba Sangaré, Communication and External Relations Officer
Craig Gates, Chief Executive Officer
Cristián Maturana Miquel, Chief Legal Officer
Cristian Petrică, Radio Systems Director
Cristiane Barretto Sales, Director of Audit
Cristina Zanchi, Chief Customer Loyalty Office
Ctirad Lolek, Director, HR Division
Curtis McKay, Telecommunications Manager
Cynthia Lumor, Corporate Services Executive
Cynthia Reid, Human Resources Manager
Cyril Poidatz, Chairman
Cyrille Jerabek, Director of Telecoms
D. Thomas Currier, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
D.K.Gupta, GM – Regulatory & Company Secretary
Dale Knowles, VP Technical Network Transformation
Dalia El Gezery, Human Resources Director
Damien Beddoes, Sales and Marketing Manager
Dan Deem, Vice President of Customer Service
Dan Fabry, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mobile Services
Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer
Dan Monarch, Director of Information Technology
Dan Olsen, Transmission Manager
Dan Winkel, Chief Information Officer
Dana Bakker, Manager of Executive Operations
Dana Dvořáková, Director, Corporate Communication
Đặng Ngọc Long, Senior Marketing Manager
Dani Abu Ghaida, Chief Information Officer
Daniel Chang, Executive Vice President, Enterprise & Carrier Business Unit
Daniel CHUNG, Chief Technology Officer
Daniel De Marco, Chief Finance Officer
Daniel Degiorgio, Chief Technical Officer
Daniel Fermine, Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Horan, Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel J. Tydingco, Executive Vice President of External and Legal Affairs
Daniel Junqueira Pinto Hermeto, Chief Supplies Officer
Daniel Proulx, Chief Technology Officer
Daniel S. Mead, President and Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Crook, Director of Brand Marketing
Daniyar Omurzakov, Sales Department Director
Danny Kellar, General Manager
Danny Watson, Asst. Secretary/ Treasurer
Danny Yu, Chief Financial Officer
Dany Doueik, Chief Commercial Officer
Daouda Sanou, Director of Regulation and External Affairs
Dapo Olasope, Finance Director
Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs
Darcee MacFarlane, Vice-President, Corporate and Government Relations
Darius Maikštėnas, Vice President of Marketing and Services
Darlene Johnson, Customer Service Supervisor
Darlington Mandivenga, Chief Executive Officer
Darmp Sukontasap, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Darrell Slocum, Marketing and Communications Director
Darren Entwistle, President and Chief Executive Officer
Daryn Tuyakov, Managing director for work with state bodies
Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim, Chairman
Dato' Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer
Dato’ Rosman Bin Ridzwan, Deputy Chairman
Dave Boorman, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Dengel, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Gagnon, General Manager, Sales Force, Consumer Services
Dave Miller, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
Dave Newbold, Chief Operations & Technology Officer
Dave Tews, President and Chief Executive Officer
Davendra UTCHANAH, Executive Head Network and Information Systems
David Allison, President
David B. Davis, Senior Vice President and Area President, South Area
David Butler, Chief Executive Officer
David Cabrera, Commercial Director
David Charles, Chief Executive Officer
David Chetty, Chief Technology Officer
Dávid Durbák, Director of Legal Affairs
David Dyson, Chief Executive Officer
David Garrett, Network Manager
David Havercroft, Group Chief Technology Officer
David I Thodey, Chief Executive Officer
David Kay, Chief Executive Officer
David Kelham, Chief Finance Officer
David Kimbell, Vice President, Marketing
David Kreider, Head of Legal 
David Lake, General Manager
David Lee, Chief Operating Officer
David Lee, General Director
David Lema, Legal Counsel
David MIGNOT, Executive Vice-President Indian Ocean zone
David Miller II, President
David Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer
David Ordman, Chief Financial Officer
David P. Miller, Senior Vice President Legal and General Counsel
David Plumb, General Manager, Enterprise
David R. Chase, Chief Technical Officer
David Reece, System Engineer
David Small, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
David Smith, Marketing Director
David Wells, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services
David Zylka, Chief Technology Officer
Davidson Charles, General Manager
Dawn Sissing, Chief Quality and Process Officer
Dean Prevost, President
Debbie Warner, Financial Controller
Deena Shiff, Group Managing Director, Applications & Ventures
Deepak S. Padmanabhan, Chairman
Deepak Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer
Dehşan Ertürk, Chief Marketing Officer
Dejan Kastelic, Member of the Management Board and Chief Technology Officer
Dejan Turk, Chairman of the Board
Delphine Ernotte-Cunci, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Orange France
Demola Elesho, Chief Executive Officer
Denic Nicolas, Chief Residential Marketing and Sales Officer
Denis Filazafovitch, Chief Finance Officer
Denis Kotlyarenko, Technical Director
Denis Martin, Managing Director
Denis Seek, Head of Technology
Denise D'Elia, International Services Director
Denise M. Hutton, Vice President, Organizational Learning
Dennis Kakonge, Legal and Regulatory Director
Deo Kwiyukwa, Head of Distribution and Indirect Sales
Deonarine Gopaul, Commercial Director
Deppie Tzimea, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Derek Appiah, Head of Vodafone Business Solutions
Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer
Derick Obuobi, Human Resource Consultant and Community Relations Officer
Derrick Jones, Executive Vice President Service Operations
Des Wynne, Corporate Sales Manager
Desha Selochan, Head of Legal and Regulatory
Diagui Diop, Finance Director
Diana Lee, Head, Customer Service
Dianna de Sousa, Vice President Customer Care and Corporate Marketing
Diar Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer
Dick Omondi, Head of PR and Corporate Communications
Didier Bellens, President and Chief Executive Officer
Didier Rouma, Chief Executive Officer
Diego Massidda, Chief Executive Officer
Dietmar Welslau, Director of Human Resources
Dimitris Blatsios, Chief Executive Officer
Dina Ravera, Chief Operating Officer
Dino Dogan, Chief Finance Officer
Dionne Miranda, General Manager, Customer Services
Director of Commerce, Edward Ying
Dirk Barnard, Director, Personnel
Dirk Currie, Managing Director
Dirk Wössner, Director of Sales and Service
Djibril Ouattara, Director General
Dmirty Yu. Afinogenov, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer
Dmitry Kononov, Chief Business Development Officer
Dmitry Kromsky, Vice President, CIS Business Development
Dmitry Lopatukhin, Chief Operational Officer
Dmitry Strashnov, Chief Executive Officer
Do Risika Rafieferantsiaronjy, Director of Information Technology
Döbrőssy Gábor, Chief Technology Officer
Dominik Koechlin, President of the Board of Directors
Dominique Randrianandrasana, Director of Sales
Don Campbell, President and Chief Executive Officer
Don Horsley, President and Chief Executive Officer
Don Mitchell, Director - Operations
Donald Gwira, Head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs
Donald Lizotte, Vice President, Retail Operations
Donald Mupfunya, Sales and Distribution Director
Donald Shaw, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Dorin Odiaţiu, Marketing Director
Doug Burnett, Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Services
Douglas A. Neal, Chief Executive Officer
Douglas Hsu, Chairman
Douglas Li, Chief Executive Officer
Douglas Mboweni, Chief Executive Officer
Douglas S. Glen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Dr. Shridhir Sariputta Hansa Wijayasuriya, Director / Group Chief Executive
Dragan Djuković, Retail Sales Manager
Drew Davies, Vice President and Controller
Drexwell Seymour, General Manager
Duminda Ratnayaka, Chief Executive Officer
Dušan Švalek, Chief Marketing Officer
Dženana Muračević, Director of Information Technology
E. Blok, Chief Executive Officer
E.J. Saunders, Chief Executive Officer
Eamon Hoey, Interim President & CEO
Ebenezer Asante, Sales & Distribution Executive
Ebrahim Mahmoudzadeh, Chairman of the Board
Eckart Pech, Managing Director Service Technology
Edgar Geidans, Vice President of Engineering and Operations
Edgar Jaen, Data Services Engineering Director
Edghill Messiah, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Customer Care & Risk Management
Edith SHIH, Company Secretary
Edmund Aikins, Manager Engineering Mobile Access Network
Edouard Kouadio Konan, Finance Director
Eduard Ostrovsky, Chief Governmental Relations Officer
Eduardo Duato, Network Director
Eduardo Peinado Rivero, Company Secretary
Eduardo Ruiz Vega, Director of Compliance
Eduardo Santillán, Director of Business Sector
Edvard Joensen, Head of Business Development
Edward Chao, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Network Operations
Edward Perez, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Operations
Edward S. Rogers, Deputy Chairman and Executive Vice President Emerging Business, Corporate Development
Edward WONG, General Manager, Human Resources
Edwin Escobar, Director of Finance
Edwin H. Eichler, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ehsan Bayat, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Eida Chang, Head of Regulatory Affairs
Eija Pitkänen, Head of Corporate Relations
Einat Rom, Vice President of Private Customers Division
Ejner Jacobsen, Strategy Director
Ekow Quarco, Head of Public Relations
Ekrem Yener, Chief International Expansion Officer
El Amir Ahmed El Amir Yousif, Chief Executive Officer
Elaine Jordan, Director of Performance Integrity
Eldert Louisa, Chief Technology Officer
Elena Kropivianska, HR and Organisation Development Director
Elena Papadopoulou, Chief Human Resources Officer
Elfatih Mohamed Ahmed Erwa, Managing Director
Eliane Garcia Melgaço, Vice President of Marketing
Eliane OBAME née ANGOUE, Director of Administration and Human Resources
Elias Dziko, Sales Director
Elias Moschonas, Director of Human Resources
Elie Girard, Executive Vice President, Group Strategy & Development
Eliel Barros, Commercial Director
Eliezer (Lipa) Ogman, Chief Technology Officer
Elisabeth Medou-Badang, Chief Executive Officer
Elisabeth Stene, Chief Human Resources Officer
Elizabete Fong, Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Schaefer, Billing Systems Manager
Elmar Grasser, Chief Technical Officer
Eloiza Pinheiro, Vice President
Elvidin Kovač, Technoloy and Service Development Director
Emad Hussein, Chief Executive Officer
Emad Maali, Director of Business Segment Operations
Emad Makiya, Chief Executive Officer
Emanuele Tournon, Chief Finance Officer
Emeka Eruokwu, Technology Director
Emil Georgakiev, Technical Director
Emilie Grandoit, Marketing Director
Emilija Zografska, Manager of the Public Relations Department
Emily Filippou-Klöpfer, Chief Finance Officer
Emmanuel André, Executive Head Commercial
Emmanuel Gay, Chief Technology Officer
Emmerson Marshall, Head of Technology
Emre Sayın, Chief Consumer Business Officer
Endre Horanyi, Chief Human Resources Officer
Enekwacha Ajah, Regional Head South South and South East
Enrique Luna Roshard, Chief Finance Officer
Enrique Ortiz de Montellano Rangel, Chief Executive Officer
Enwell Kadango, Marketing Director
Eric Anderson, Director of Engineering/Construction/Operations
Eric Chong Tiong Beng, Chief Sales & Commercial Officer
Eric Frachon, Chief Information Officer
Eric Gan, President and Chief Operating Officer
Eric Haentjens, Chief Finance Officer
Eric Hertz, Chief Executive Officer
Eric Liew Sze Yarn, Head, Regulatory
Eric Shiau, Chief Financial Officer
Eric Tronel, Chief Executive Officer
Eric Votaw, Vice President of Regulatory
Erik Aas, President and Chief Executive Officer
Erik D. Gerson, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience
Erik Lindström, Customer Service Manager
Erkan Akdemir, Chief Executive Officer
Erkin Achildiev, Commercial Development Director, Corporate Market
Erkin Orozakunov, Marketing Director
Erlan Netten, Chief Finance Officer
Erna Korff, Managing Executive: Consumer Marketing
Ernest L. Cu, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ernesto Torres, Chief Executive Officer
Eros Fregonas, Chief Executive Officer
Eros Spadotto, Executive Vice-President, Technology Strategy
Ervīns Kampāns, Technical Director
Essam Al Assoussi, Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer
Esworth Martin, General Manager
Etienne Franzi, President
Eton Shu, Executive Vice President, Product & Service Delivery
Eugene Briancev, Commercial Director
Eugene Mitchell, Director of New Business
Eugene O’Shaughnessy, Chief Technology Officer
Eurico Teles, Head of Legal
Eustace Abrams, Director, Business Planning
Eva Aljančič, Marketing Director
Eva Berneke, Senior Executive Vice President, Wholesale
Éva Somorjai, Chief Human Resources Officer
Eva Štípková, Senior Manager of Direct and Interactive Marketing
Eva Ulićević, Chief Technical Officer of Crnogorski Telekom
Eva Wabgui Kambo, Finance Director
Eve Banda, Chief Human Resources Officer
Eve Leonard, IT Manager
F Ndoroma, Managing Director
F.M. Fazle Karim, Vice President, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Managemen
Fabiano Castello, Head of Internal Audit
Fabio Massimo Missori, General Counsel
Fadi Abdellatif, Finance Director
Fadi Mrad, Finance and Admin Director
Fadwa Hussain, VAS Specialist
Fadzri Santosa, Director and Chief Wholesale and Infrastructure Officer
Fafali Dzobo, Director, Human Resource and Administration
Fahad Hussain Mushayt, Vice President for Strategic Affairs
Fahed Al Hassawi, Chief Human Resources Officer
Faical Mahamoud, Marketing and Communication Director
Fan Yun, Chief Executive Officer
Farah Qamar, Company Secretary
Farhat Ullah Mohamed, Chief Financial Officer
Farid Ahmed, Head of Business Analysis and Planning
Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer
Farid Mohammed, Chief Financial Officer
Faruk Mustafa Rasool, Chairman of the Board
Fatoumata Gisèle POUYE GUEYE, Director of Audit and Management Control
Fayaz King, Managing Director
Fayez Emter, Director of Supplies and Procurement Directorate
Fayzullaev Bekhzod, General Director
Federico Codas, Marketing Director
Federico Grosso, Chief Operating Officer
Felicity Johnson, Senior Vice-President, Legal, Regulatory & Carrier Services
Felipe Straub, Chief Human Resources Officer
Felipe Ureta Prieto, Chief Finance Officer
Felisberto Afonso Lima Neto, President
Feng-Hsiung Chang, Vice President
Fenwick Mills, Vice President - Internal Audit and System Controls
Ferdi Semsettin, Head of Value Added Services
Fergal McKenna, Sales Director
Fernando Ballestero, Secretary General
Fernando González Apango, Chief Finance Officer
Fernando Leis, Marketing Director
Fernando Massa Paredes, General Manager, Marketing
Fernando Ocampo Carapia, Chief Finance Officer
Ferruccio Borsani, Enterprise Division Director
Festus Mbandeka, Corporate Legal Advisor
Florian Marquart, Director Corporate Strategy
Florian Niedersuess, Chief Marketing Officer
Florin Nemes, Head of Marketing
Florin Popa, Sales & Distribution Director
Fouad M A A Al-Awadhi, Chief Audit Executive
Frances NG, General Manager, Corporate Communications
Francesca Petralia, Head of Compliance
Francesco Bianco, Director Human Resources, Property & Security
Francis Acosta, General Manager, Support Services and Special Projects
Francis Lopez, Business Director
Francis Mahofa, Chief Technical Officer
Francisco Caballero, Director of Communication and Investor Relations
Francisco Marmolejo Alcántara, Chief Finance Officer
Francisco Valim, Chief Executive Officer
Franck Rogier, Director General Guyane
Franco Bernabè, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Franco Bertone , Director General
François Côté, Executive Vice-President and President of both TELUS Québec and TELUS Health Solution
Francois Couturier, Director of Finance
François N’guessan Kouassi, Commercial Director
Françoise Roche, Director of Human Resources and Finance
Frank Amaral, Chief Operating Officer
Frank Bell, President
Frank Boller, Chief Executive Officer
Frank DiRico, President
Frank Esser, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Frank Meywerk, Technology Director
Frank O’Mara, Chief Executive Officer
Frank Rosenberger, Director, Products and Services
František Mala, Marketing Director
František Schneider, Member of the Board of Directors and Director, Business Division
Fred Hrenchuk, Chief Executive Officer
Fred Johnson, Executive Vice President and General Manager
Freddie “Jubuani” Mokoena, Sales and Distribution General Manager
Freddy Tchala, Chief Executive Officer
Frédéric Debord, Director General
Frédéric Déry, Vice President, Sales, Videotron Business Solutions
Frédéric FERAILLE, Director General
Frédéric HAYOT, Head of Operations for the French West Indies and French Guiana zone
Frederic Vanoosthuyze, Vice President, Information Technology
Frédéric WOHLSCHLEGEL, Customer Relationship Manager
Frederick Ruciak, Deputy General Manager Marketing and Communications
Frederick Vermeulen, Chief Engineering Officer
Fredy Perman, Executive Vice President, Chief Operation Officer
Friedrich Joussen, Chief Executive Officer
Frode Støldal, Leader for Sourcing, IT & Technology
Fuad Ahmad Al-Ablani, Deputy General Manager
Fumihiro Aono, Senior Vice President
Fumio Iwasaki, Executive Vice President, Networks
Furqan Habib Qureshi, S.E.V.P (Business Zone South)
Füsun Feridun, Corporate Communications Director
G. Wilson Hughes, Executive Vice President and General Manager
Gábor Altmann, Chief Sales Officer
Gabriel Flichy, Vice President Network & IT
Gabriel Knuckles, Corporate Service Senior Manager
Gaby Ngongo, Director of Information Systems
Gael Campan, General Manager
Galina Rysakova, Executive Director – Director for Organizational Development and HR
Galit Tuchterman, Spokeswoman and Public Relations Manager
Gana Ndoye, Director of Human Resources
Garfield Sinclair, General Manager
Garry Patterson, Chief Financial Officer
Garvin Medera, Chief Technical Officer
Gary Barrow, Executive Vice President - Converged Services
Gary Farrell, Switching and Network Manager
Gary Lamb, Finance Director
Gavin Franks, Managing Director, O2 WiFi
Gavin Williams, Consumer Marketing Director
Geir Løvnes, Chief Technical Officer
Gemini Thomas-Okoeguale, Head of Customer Services
Gene Engen, Secretary/Treasurer
Gene Evelyn, Director, Rate Making
Geoff Houston, Chief Executive Officer
George A. Cope, President and Chief Executive Officer
George Andah, Chief Operating Officer
George Athanasopoulos, Chief Operating and IT Officer
George C. Chou, Chief Executive Officer
George Fok, Managing Director, PCCW Solutions
George Hill, Chief Technology Officer
George Koliastasis, Chief Finance Officer
George Ngaingeri, Manager Engineering Fixed Access Network
George Rallis, Chief Finance Officer
George Tsaprounis, Head of the Corporate Communication Department
George Tsonis, Chief Technical Officer
Georges Alain Rubio, Director of Technology
Georges Kasongo, Director of Informaton
Georges Lumbayi, Director of Sales
Georges Mpoudi Ngole, Chief Information Officer
Georgi Ganev, Business Area Manager, Consumer
Georgios Christodoulopoulos, Chief Officer of the Economic Affairs Division
Georgios Koufaris, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Georgy Terteryan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ger Coolen, Chief Technology Officer
Gerad Robinson, Regional Sales Manager
Gerald Robinette, Chief Executive Officer
Geraldina Marzolla, Head of Brand and Advertising
Geraldine Pitt, Country Manager
Gerardo H. Maurer, Head of Safety
Gerardo Muñoz Lozano, Chief Executive Officer
Germán Quisbert Jáuregui, Director
Gerry De Freitas, Deputy General Manager, Operations
Gershom Dick, Channel Manager
Gervais Ehuy, Director of Commerce
Gervais Pellissier, Chief Executive Officer Delegate, Finance, Information Systems
Gevork Vermishyan, Chief Finance Officer
Ghada Gebara, Chief Executive Officer
Ghalib Saif Al Hosni, Vice President Human Resources
Ghassan Hasbani, Group CEO International Operations
Ghassan Murad, Chief Financial Officer
Ghazi Louiz, Director of Regulation and International Business
Ghulam Jelani Waziri, Chief Of Staff (MCIT)
Gian Marco Litrico, Director of External and Media Relations
Giancarlo Peñalba, Director of Marketing
Gianluca Corti, Chief Operating Officer
Gianluca Pancaccini , Head of IT
Gianluca Ventura, Human Resources and Organisation Director
Gideon Edie Purnomo, VP Channel Management
Gil B. Genio, Head - Business CFU & President - Innove Communications, Inc.
Gil Sharon, Chief Executive Officer
Gilles Lamberty, Director of Operations
Gilli Coston, Head of M2M
Gilmar Roberto Pereira Camurra, Director of Finance and Investor Relations
Giorgi Shamanadze, Technical Director
Giorgi Tkeshelashvili, Finance Director
Giosino Colaiacovo, Chief Finance Officer
Giuseppe Roberto Opilio, Head of Technology
Giuseppe Zaza, Head of Quality
Glafkos Persianis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Glen W. Flowers, Senior Vice President and Area President, East Area
Glenn Ishihara, Co-founder, Chief Executive Office and President
Glenn Manoff, Director of Communications, Reputation and Sustainability
Glenn R. Grubb, General Manager
Glenn Thompson, Director
Gloria Byamugisha, Human Resources Director
Gloria Silva, Vice President, Corporate Communications, HR & Administration
Godfrey Ntoele, Managing Executive: Medium and Large Business Services
Golam Anjumanarul Islam, General Manager, Business Sales
Göran Bergström, Finance Manager
Goran Jokic, Director of Networks and IT
Goran Vasić, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Goranka Devčić, Chief Finance Officer
Gordon Ballantyne, Group Managing Director
Gordon Maitava, Executive Officer
Gothárdi Ibolya, Director of Human Resources
Graeme Millar, Chief Executive Officer
Graham Baxter, Chief Operating Officer
Graham Hughes, Chief Executive Officer
Graham Ward, Treasurer
Grant Hopkins, Head of Sales
Grant Stevenson, Director of Integration & Strategy and Deputy CFO
Greg Berberich, Chief Executive Officer
Greg Bourke, Director of Human Resources
Greg Campbell, Head of Marketing
Greg Haller, President - West Area
Greg Meister, Vice-President, Customer Services - Operations
Greg Pressly, Vice President, Customer Operations
Greg Rogers, Secretary
Greg van Koughnett, Head of Legal and Regulatory Council
Gregor Kastelic, Core Network and IT Sector Director
Grégory BURLINCHON, Network & IT Manager
Gregory Dean, Chief Executive Officer
Gregory F. Chapados, Senior Vice President
Grzegorz Bors, Director of Strategy, Marketing and Sales
Grzegorz Tomczyk, Vice President
Gudeta Olana, Chief Security Officer
Guðmundur Stefán Björnsson, Head of Corporate Market
Gudny Langgaard, Chief Executive Officer
Guillaume Bedie, Director of Marketing
Guillermo Codner, Vice President Human Resources‏ ‏
Guillermo Mantiñán, Head of Value Added Services
Guillermo O. Rivaben, Director of Mobile Division
Guillermo P. Desimoni, Director of Information Systems
Gunnar Bender, Head of Corporate Communications and Policy
Gunnar Hannus, Financial Manager
Gunter Engling, Chief Financial Officer
Günther Ottendorfer, Managing Director of Optus Networks
Gurunath Rao, IT and Billing Director
Gustavo Ledesma, Director of Marketing
Guy Laurence, Chief Executive Officer
Guy NASSA, Commercial Director
Guy Serge Gaombalet, Director of Finance
H.C. Pant, Company Secretary and Head of Legal Affairs
Ha Sung-Min, President and Chief Executive Officer
Habibur Rahaman, General Manager of Market Development
Habibur Rahaman, General Manager, Market Development
Hadjara Idani, Director of Human Resources
Hadjara Illa, Director of Regulations
Haim Romano, Chief Executive Officer
Haitham Abdullah Al Kharusi, Vice President Consumer
Haitham Abu Shaaban, Gaza Operations Director
Haitham Sabbah, Consumer Sales and Customer Service Director
Håkan Dahlström, Head of Mobility Services
Hakim Tazi, Director of Finace and External Affairs
Halikulov Erlan Tajikulovich, Deputy Director General
Hamdo Katica, Business Development Director
Hamid Farooq, S.E.V.P (Business Development)
Hamza Ali, General Manager Wholesale & Carrier Relations
Han W. Kotterman, Executive Vice President, Customer Service & Operations
Hannah A.P. Agbozo, Legal and Regulatory Director
Hannes Ametsreiter, Chief Executive Officer
Hannu Turunen, Vice President, New Business Operations
Hanoch Dombek, Chief Executive Officer
Hans Axel Cronberg, Chief Technology Officer
Hans C. Moritz, Director and Chief Technology Officer
Hans C. Werner, Head of Group Human Resources
Hans Jörg Denzler, Executive Director Wholesale
Hans Jurgen Muller, Director of Engineering and Planning
Hans Lute, Chief Executive Officer
Hans Paulsen, Chief Executive Officer
Hansa Chevapurke, Head of Legal and Business
Hany Fahmy, Enterprise Business Unit Director
Harald Krohg, Leader for Wholesale & Regulatory
Haris Broumidis, Chief Executive Officer
Haris Kotsibos, Chief Executive Officer
Harold Quek, Head of Home Products
Haroon Bhatti, Chief Procurement Officer
Harry Sasongko Tirtotjondro, President Director and Chief Executive Officer
Hartmut Kremling, Director, Technology
Hasnul Suhaimi, President Director and Chief Executive Officer
Hassan Jaber, Chief Executive Officer
Hassan Saleh, Sales and Distribution Director
Hassane Hachimou, Director of Finance
Hatem Dowidar, Chief Executive Officer
Hatem Mestiri, Director of Technology
Hatim El Gammal, Chief Financial Officer
Hayat Youssef, Risk Management and Business Excellence Director 
Hazel Douglas, Tobago Country Manager
HE. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman of the Board
Heathcliff Farrugia, Consumer Sales Manager
Heiko Schlittke, Director General
Hein Bader, Chief Operating Officer
Heinz Herren, Head of Network & IT
Helena Evert, Human Resources Manager
Hélène Aika Trore, Director of Human Resources
Helene Ferguson, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
Helene Lindgren, IT Director
Helma Etnel, Chief Finance Officer
Helmut Duhs, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer
Henri Yandza, Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Relations
Henrich Daubner, Chief Finance Officer
Henrik Clausen, Chief Executive Officer
Henrik Kofod, Vice President of Business Relationsip Management
Henrik Poulsen, President and Chief Executive Officer 
Henrik Skov, Chief Finance Officer
Henrique Granadeiro, Chairman
Henry Kanai, Manager Engineering Projects
Henry Njoroge, Marketing Director
Herbert "Chip" Graves, Vice President & Regional General Manager
Herman Rao, Executive Vice President, Network & Technology Division
Herumurti Sutaryo, Acting Head of Legal and Corporate Services
Hervé Olivier Njapoum, Director of Marketing
Hidehiko Tajima, Vice President
Hideo Okinaka, Vice President
Hideo Yuasa, Associate Senior Vice President
Hideyuki Tsukuda, Senior Vice President
Himanshu Kapania, Managing Director
Himato Muzafar Hikmatovich, Chairman and Acting General Director
Hiroaki Kitano, Director
Hirofumi Morozumi, Executive Vice President - General Manager, Corporate Sector
Hiromu Naratani, Associate Senior Vice President - General Manager, Corporate Communications Sector
Hiroshi Kitagawa, President
Hiroshi Kobayashi, Vice President
Hiroshi Matsui, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Branches in Kanto and Koshinetsu areas
Hiroyasu Asami, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Smart Communication Services Department
Hisham Ayoub, Customer Services Executive Director
Hisham Mustafa Allam, Chief Operating Officer
Hisham Siblini, Chief Technical Officer
Hj Umar Ali Hj Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer
Ho Wai Ming, Chief Executive Officer
Holger Grewe, Vice President of Finance
Horacio Andrés Tolosa, General Manager
Hu Meena, President and Chief Executive Officer
Hubert Kouraogo, Director of Marketing
Hugh Davies, Director of Corporate Affairs
Hui Weng Cheong, Chief Executive Officer
Huib Costermans, Chief Finance Officer
Hulusi Acar, Chief Consumer Sales Officer
Humbero Chávez López, Chief Executive Officer
Humberto Bettencourt Santos, President
Hussain Al-Lawati, Chief Sales & Distribution Officer
Hussain Niyaz, Senior Manager Network Planning and Optimization
Huszlicska József, Chief Technical Officer
Huynh Quang, Technical Director
Ian Beckett, Vice President of Information Systems and Technology 
Ian Campbell, Vice Chairman
Ian Charles Dench, Executive Director, Consumer Services
Ibrahim Abdulrahman Al Omar, Vice President for Personal Services
Ibrahim Ahmed ElHassan, Chief Administration Officer
Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al Omar, Chief Executive Officer
Ibrahim Daramie, Chief Marketing Officer
Ibrahim Dikko, Director, Regulatory & Government Affairs
Ibrahim Haleel, Chief Executive Officer
Ibrahim Karam, Chief Financial Officer
İbrahim Şahin, Vice Chairman
Ibraïma Saibou Manga, Director of Information Systems
Icíar Martínez, Head of Research and Development
Idris Kignaman Soro, Director of Finance
Idris T Vasi, Chief Executive Officer
Igor Babić, Directorate for the Techincal Division
Igor Klimko, General Director
Igor Lytovchenko, President, Head of Business Unit
Igor Matejov, Chief Sales and Customer Service Officer
Igor Parfenov, Chief Technology Officer
Igor Shtanko, Security Director
Ihab Hinnawi, Chief Executive Officer
Ihab Mohamed El Fouly, Director General
Ilija Stevanović, Director of Independent Sector for Strategy and Development
İlker Kuruöz, Chief Information Officer
Ilkka Pitkänen, Chief Finance Officer
İlter Terzioğlu, Chief Network Operations Officer
Imad Hamdan, Legal Counsel
Inaki Berroeta, Chief Executive Officer
Iñaki Cabrera, Director of Services and Innovation
Indrė Dudonienė, Communications Manager
Inessa Galaktionova, Chief Commercial Officer
Inge Lindberg, Finance Director
Inger Ørum Kirk, Senior Executive Vice President, Group HR and Communications
Ingrid Bremark, Human Resource Officer
Ingrid Riddervold Lorange, Leader for Operations
Ingrida Elijošiūtė, Human Resources Director
Innoussa Arima Mamadou, Director of Human Resources
Ioana Marcu, Human Resources Director
Irena Jolić Šimović, Chief Operating Officer Business
Irene Asare, Head of Business Transformation
Irene Kitinya, Human Resources and Administration Director
Irene Leung, Executive Vice President, Mass Market
Irene Madeje Mlola, Business Enterprise Director
Irfan Akram, Vice President Customer Care
Irfan Farooq, Chief Information Officer
Irina Likhova, Chief Personnel Officer
Irini Nikolaidi, Chief Legal Counsel, Competition and Legal Affairs Officer
Iryna Yevets, Finance Director
Isaac Suárez, Chief Executive Officer
Isabel Borgas, Sustainability and Institutional Communications Manager
Isabelle Dessureault, Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Isaiah Rozenberg, Vice President of Engineering
Isaiah Willacey, General Manager, Service Delivery
Ishtiaq Ahmed, Executive Vice President, Consumer Sales & Service
Ismail Rasheed, Chief Executive Officer
Ismail Taha, Chief Human Resources Officer
Ismail Waheed, Chief Executive Officer
Ismet Yazici, Chief Executive Officer
Issa Ahmed Dinguess, Director of Human Resources
István Király, Chief Marketing Officer
István Maradi, Chief Technology and IT Officer
Itamar Bartov, Vice President of Executive and Regulatory Affairs
Ivan Cholakov, Director Information Technology
Ivan Golian, Deputy Director General and Director of Information Systems and Networks
Ivan Lim, Deputy Director, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Ivan Marták, Director of Strategy and Regulatory Relationships
Ivan Rodionov , Chairman
Ivan Tavrin, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ivan Tesucum, General Manager, Finance
Ivan Zima, Vice President - CTO
Ivan Zolochevsky, Chief Executive Officer
Ivica Kranjčević, President, Management Board
Ivica Mudrinić, Chief Executive Officer
Ivor Wekesa, Director, Risk Management
J. Braxton Carter, Chief Finance Officer
J.B.P. Coopmans, Managing Director Strategic Programs Simplification, Quality, Reputation & Branding
Jacek Jakub Niewęglowski, Chief Strategy Officer
Jack Bourke, Commercial Director
Jackie B Aritua, Customer Service Manager
Jacqueline James, Head of Marketing
Jacques Schindehütte, Group Chief Finance Officer
Jae Won Chey, Chairman
Jahanzeb Taj, Vice President Marketing
Jakub Chytil, Member of the Board of Directors, Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Company Secretary
Jamal Abdalla Salim Hussain Al Suwaidi, S.E.V.P (Business Zone Central)
Jameel Abdullah Al Molhem, Chief Executive Officer
James A. Hyde, Chief Executive Officer
James Lienau, Vice President of Corporate Technical Services and Chief Technical Officer
James Marsh, Head of Finance
James Meaney, Chief Operating Officer
James Sartain, Vice President, Business Analytics
James T. Museba, Information Technology Director
James W. Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President – External and Legislative Affairs
Jamila Williams, Customer Care Director
Jan Geldmacher, Director, Enterprise
Jan Henrik Ahrnell, Head of Legal Affairs
Jan Mottram, Chief Human Resources Officer
Jan Nilsson, Vice Chairman
Jan ONeill, Group HR Director
Jan Trionow, Chief Executive Officer
Jana Háková, PR Specialist
Janaka Jayalath, Senior General Manager Corporate Planning & Marketing
Jane Cleveland, Company Secretary
Jane Karuku, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Jane Passantino, Vice President of Marketing
Janice Lee, Managing Director, TV & New Media
Janie Letrot, Director of Regulation, Communication and International Development
Jānis Spoģis, Marketing Director
Jann Kohlman, Group Manager of Optus Sponsorship and Community Programs
Jannike Gruner, Head of Customer Operations
Jaret Henhoeffer, Vice Chairman
Jari Kinnunen, Chief Finance Officer
Jarmo Leino, Chairman
Jasmina Lopičić, Executive Director of Finance
Jasminko Akšamija, Investments Director
Jason Corrigan, Commercial Director
Jason King, Chief Marketing Officer
Jaume Salvat Font, Chief Executive Officer
Javed Mushtaq, Chief Information Officer
Jawa Tengah, GM Sales & Customer Service
Jay Alvi, Executive Vice President - Enterprise Services
Jay Shedd, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jean Claude Mukendi, Director of Operations
Jean Jacques DUPONT, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer
Jean Marc Harion, Chief Executive Officer
Jean Marc Vignolles, Chief Executive Officer
Jean Marie Veron, PMO Officer
Jean Marie Vianney Nishemezwe, Chief Technical Officer
Jean Novak, President
Jean Philippe Favreau, Marketing Director
Jean-Blaise IWANGOU, Technology Director
Jean-François Fallacher, Chief Executive Officer
Jean-François THOMAS, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer
Jean-Louis Branco, Director General
Jean-Louis Fosseux, Director of Information Systems
Jean-Marie Spaus, Director
Jean-Michel HEGESIPPE, Founder and CEO
Jean-Michel Latute, Chief Executive Officer
Jeann Low, Group Chief Financial Officer
Jeannie Ong, Head, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
Jeannot Grethen, Director of Sales, Business Development & Regulation
Jean-Paul Arzel, Director, Networks
Jean-Paul Cottet, Executive Vice President, Marketing
Jean-Philippe Léonard, Director of Finance
Jean-Philippe Vanot, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility
Jean-René Cazeneuve, Director, Business
Jean-Richard ELLA EYA, Finance Director
Jean-Sébastien Masiala, Director of Human Resources
Jeff Chong Koon Meng, Head of Mobility Products and International Services
Jeff Lawn, Director of Technology
Jeff Pitts, Network Management Supervisor
Jeffery E. Nachbor, Senior Vice President, Financial Operations and Chief Accounting Officer
Jeffey Gee, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Technology Officer
Jeffrey Baptiste, General Manager
Jeffrey Bean, Head of Network Planning
Jeffrey H. Toig, Senior Vice President, Muve Music
Jeffrey J. Childs, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeffrey K. Stark, Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey S. Hoersch, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis
Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Chief Regional Network Officer, Sabah & Sarawak
Jelena Zečević, Director of Corporate Affairs
Jemima Kotei, Customer Relations Executive
Jemimah Parnell, People & Property Director
Jennifer L. Anson, Chairperson
Jennifer Matarangas-King, Vice President, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs
Jennifer TAN, Chief Financial Officer
Jenny Howe, Chief Technology Officer
Jens Becker, Chief Finance Officer
Jens Munch-Hansen, Senior Executive Vice President TDC A/S and President TDC Nordic
Jens Ottosen-Stott, Vice President of Legal
Jens Schulte-Bockum, Chief Executive Officer
Jeppe Jensen, Executive Secretary
Jeroen Hoencamp, Chief Executive Officer
Jérôme Henique, Joint Director General
Jerome Poulain, Vice President Marketing
Jerry Boezel, Marketing Director
Jerry Smith, Senior Network Engineer
Jesadavat Priebjrivat, Chief Financial Officer
Jesper Hansen, Chief Business Officer
Jess Bisson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Jesse Alison, Chief Financial Officer
Jesse Estevez, Director of Network Operations
Jestina Patricia Betts, Head of Human Resources
Jesús Guijarro, Head of Client Services
Jesús Pérez de Uriguen, 1st Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and Director, Finance Division
Jim Alling, Chief Operations Officer
Jim Gifford, Chief Operating Officer
Jim Maxwell, General Counsel
Jim Ovia, Founder
Jim Reid, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
Jim Richmond, Director - Corporate Communications
Jim Simon, General Manager
Jim Walker, Director of Corporate Relations
Jimmy Shindi, Chief Human Resources Officer
Jimmy Wilbanks, Director
Jinesh Hegde, Circle Business Head
Jiří Dvorjančanský, Director, Marketing Division
Jitka Schmiedová, Vice President of Human Resources
Joachim Burger, Chief Human Resources Officer
Joachim Kugoth, Managing Director Human Resources
Joanna Chan, Vice President of Personal Solutions
Joanne Winney, Marketing Manager
Joao de Deus, Executive Planner
Job Njiru, Customer Services Director
Jodi Salina, Office Manager
Joe Amara-Bangali, Commercial Director
Joe Kairouz, Customer Relations General Manager
Joe Prodan, Chief Finance Officer
Joel Goinvic, Chief Sourcing and Facilities Officer
Joel Klein, Director
Joemon Varghese, Director of Supply Chain Management
Johan Andsjö, Chief Executive Officer
Johan Flykt, Vice President, Customer Processes
Johan H.M. Busé, Chief Operating Officer Residential
Johann Henning, Managing Executive: Corporate Customers
Johannes Nabecker, Access and Transport Network Director
Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director Business
John A. Reiser, Assistant General Manager, Chief Operating Officer
John Bianchi, Vice President - National Customer Service
John Boden, Vice-President, Product Innovation and Carrier Relations
John Brady, Chief Financial Officer
John Burns, Internal Auditor
John C. Gockley, Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs
John Casey, Director of Marketing
John Clancy, Chief Executive Officer
John D. Champagne, Vice President of Planning and Development
John D. Sohl, President and Chief Executive Officer
John David Swaim, Managing Director
John Delves, General Manager for Digicel North Eastern Caribbean
John Diamond, Managing Director - Global Wholesale
John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President – Technology and Network Operations
John Durkin, Capital Projects Group Executive
John F. Cassidy, President and Chief Executive Officer
John Ford, Chief Technical Officer
John GB Pattison, Director of Customer Services and Billing
John Gidharry, General Manager
John Hill, Chief Information Officer
John J. Olsen, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
John Kent, Chief Finance Officer
John Kim, Vice President/Controller
John Lowber, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
John M. Cregier, Vice President, Information Technology
John Mangos, Chief Executive Officer
John Mc Guigan, Managing Director Consumer Sales & Service
John McChesney, Human Resources Director
John Meldrum, Vice-President, Corporate Counsel and Regulatory Affairs, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
John Ndego, Director General
John Nettles, President
John Paitaridis, Managing Directory, Optus Business
John Persaud, Director Data Network Services
John Ranieri, Chief Finance Officer
John Saad, Chief Marketing Officer
John Stephens, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
John T. Stankey, Group President and Chief Strategy Officer
John Tombleson, Chief Financial Officer
John Watson, Executive Vice President, Customer Operations
Johnie Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Johnny Bentsen, Vice President of Finance
Jon Eddy Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer
Jon Erik Haug, Chief Executive Officer
Jon Erni, Executive Director Business Customers
Jon Hoffman, Chief Technical Officer
Jon Winkel, Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Earle, Executive Director for the Division of Marketing
Jonathan Foxman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jong-Seok Park, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Mobile Communications Company
Jonnie Cahill, Marketing Director
Joo Pedro Silva, Chief Information Officer
Joon Ho Kim, President, Corporate Center
Jorge Abadía, Chief Executive Officer
Jorge Nicolau, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jorgen Bang-Jensen, Chief Executive Officer
Jorgen Latte, Chief Financial Officer
Jorli Birk, Vice President of Customer Operations
Jørn Jespersen, Technical Director
Jos Donvil, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Jose Cristobal Alonso Martin, Chief Technology Officer
José dos Santos, Managing Director
José Jardim, Chief Executive Officer
Jose Juan Davila, General Manager
José Kinn Franco, Vice President
Jose Luis Fernandez, General Manager
José Luis Poch Piretta, Vice President, Personal Marketing
Jose Manuel Casas, Director of Marketing
José Nyimi, IT Director
José Ricardo Tescaro Marques, Director of Marketing and Services
José Sosa, Managing Director, Telecommunications
José Viera Couceiro, Chief Executive Officer
Josée Cremieux, Director of Customer Service
Joseph Cassell, General Manager
Joseph Cuschieri, Head of Commercial Operations
Joseph Garcia, Chairman
Joseph Ged, Chief Executive Officer
Joseph GLOD, Assistant Managing Director
Joseph Gouba, Finance Director
Joseph Holibaugh, Vice President of Sales
Joseph J. Euteneuer, Chief Finance Officer
Joseph Johnny, Manager, Plant and Engineering Department
Joseph Natale, Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer
Joseph Ogutu, Director, Resources
Joseph O'Konek, Chief Executive Officer
Joseph R. Hanley, Chairman
Josh Blair, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources
Josué J. González, Director of Marketing
Juan Baraqui Anania, Chief Admin Officer
Juan Carlos Acosta Galeano, Chief Executive Officer
Juan Carlos Archila Cabal, Chief Executive Officer
Juan Goulu, Chief Executive Officer
Juan Jaime Porcell, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Juan Moreno Victorica, Go to Market Manager
Juan Torres, Chief Technical Officer
Jubril Saba, Human Resources Director
Juha Petri Korhonen, Chief Commercial Officer
Juhan Saar, Transmission Network Planning Manager
Jukka Leinonen, Vice President, Corporate Business
Jules Maher, Chief Executive Officer
Juli Fonseca, Head of Human Resources
Julian Benson, Sales & Distribution Manager
Julian Francis, Executive Chairman
Julian Ogrin, General Director
Julián San Martín Arjona, Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Julie E. Lizotte, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Julie Pigott, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support
Julien Ducarroz, Chief Commercial Officer B2C
Julio Carlos Porras, Chief Executive Officer
Júlio Gonçalves, Transmission Director
Jumpon Thanasopon, Executive Vice President Operations - Core Network
Jun Shinba, Senior Vice President
Junichi Miyakawa, Executive Vice President, Director & CTO
Junji Hasegawa, Vice President
Junji Tokunaga, Senior Vice President
Juno DeRoche, Marketing Manager
Jurgen Peetz, Chief Executive Officer
Jürgen Rösger, Chief Marketing Officer
Jüri Teemanti, Head of Business Client Unit
Juris Binde, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jursi Marshall, Country Manager
Kaaren Hilsen, Chief Executive Officer
Kachorn Jearawanont, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs and Fraud Control
Kadir Boysan, Chief Strategy Officer
Kaelo Biki Radira, Company Secretary
Kafil H.S. Muyeed, Chief Marketing Officer
Kai Ellerkmann, Head of Marketing, Products and Billing
Kais Ben Hamida, Vice President, Finance
Kaizad B. Heerjee, Chief Executive Officer
Kajit JitsupaRegional, Head of Customer Service
Kajornsak Singhaseni, Head of Corporate Strategy
Kala Kularajah Sundram, Head of Talent and Organisation Development
Kalakune Laeka, Head of Information Technology
Kalpesh Mehta, Finance Director
Kamal Haer, Head of Marketing
Kamal Khalis, Director of Business and Services
Kamal Okba, Director General
Kamran Ziaee, Chief Technology Officer
Kamthon Waithayakul, Senior Executive Vice President - Mobile Business
Kang Jong-Ryeol, Head of Network Technology Center
Kanichiro Aritomi, Vice Chairman
Kaoru Kato, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Accounts and Finance Department
Kapil Bhalla, Company Secretary and Manager
Karel Pienaar, Chief Executive Officer
Karen Bevans, Chief Operations Officer
Karen Karapetyan, Finance Director
Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer
Karim Khoja, Chief Executive Officer
Karimou Salifou, Director of Information
Karin Eliasson, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Director and Head of Group Human Resources
Karl Toriola, Chief Executive Officer
Karl-Henrik Simonsen, Human Resources Director
Karly Rogers, Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
Karpovich Vladimir Sigizmundovich, Director General
Kaseumsy PHOMMAVONGSA, Deputy Director General of State Assets Department, Ministry of Finance
Katarina Norderud, Chief of Staff
Kate Bonner, Chief Executive Officer
Kate McKenzie, Group Managing Director
Katherine L. Hust, Vice President, Sales, Mid-Central Region
Kathrin Amacker, Group Communications
Katiye Vuorela, Executive Vice President, Communications
Kauser Najmee, GM - Customer Relations
Kavantissa Danudra Weerawardane Ratnayaka, Group Chief Corporate Officer
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Commercial Officer
Kaye Woods, Sales and Distribution Manager
Kazi Monirul Kabir, Chief Commercial Officer
Kazuhiko Fujihara, Senior Vice President, Director & CFO
Kazuhiko Kasai, Director
Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Human Resources Management Department
Kazuto Tsubouchi, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Keabetswe Segole, Group General Manager Technology
Kees de Wit, VP Systems Integration
Kei Irie, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Network Department
Keith Cowan, President
Keith Geofrey Tukei, Commercial Director (Sales and Marketing)
Keith Pelley, President and Chief Executive Officer Media
Kelli Phillips, Head of Marketing and Sales
Kelly Moore, Head of Service
Kelvin A. Shepherd, President
Kelvin Twissa, M-Commerce Director
Ken Borner, Vice President Engineering and Network Operations
Ken Campbell, Director General
Ken Dixon, President - Midwest Area
Ken Keesey, Vice-President, Customer Services - Sales
Ken Miyauchi, Senior Executive Vice President & COO
Kenje Nurmatova, Financial Director
Kenneth Aigbinode, Executive Vice Chairman
Keren Shtevy, Vice President of Business Customers
Kerrigan Roach, Head of Human Resources
Keti Luarasi, Director of Human Resourecs
Ketut Eri Budi, Head of Area Marketing Communications Division
Kevin DeSilva, Corporate Sales Manager
Kevin Hope, Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Kelly, Chief Finance Officer
Kevin R. Lowell, Vice President, National Network Operations
Kevin Russell, Chief Operating Officer
Khaled Abdulrahman Al Jaser, Group Vice President for Shared Services
Khaled Ben Younes, Director of Quality, Audit and Programme Management
Khaled Bichara, Chairman
Khaled Hegazy, Director of External Affairs
Khaled Hudhud, Director of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs
Khaled Mikkawi, Chief Executive Officer
Khaled O. EL CHAMAA, Technical Director
Khalid Abdulla AL-Mansouri, Executive Director - Business Solutions
Khalid Omar Al Kaf, Chief Executive Officer
Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer
Khalid Sulaiman Al-Omar, Chief Executive Officer
Khalil Ebrahim Al-Emadi, Executive Director, Technology
Khalil Nassar, Chief Technical and Information Officer
Khamhoong SOSAMPHANH, Deputy Director General
Khammouane XOMSIHAPANYA, Director General
Khasanov Nazirjon Nabijonovich, Deputy Director General
Khor Choo Lin, Chief Corporate Administration Officer
Kidist Zegeye, Chief Human Resources Officer
Kim Davies, General Manager
Kiyohiro Omatsuzawa, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Procurement and Supply Department
Kiyohito Nagata, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Strategic Marketing Department
Kiyoyuki Tsujimura, Senior Executive Vice President, Multimedia Services and Technology
Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Chief Executive Officer
Klaske Young, Director of Corporate Affairs
Klaus Solling Rimmen, Chief Financial Officer
Klausz Ferenc, Head of Business Development
Knott-Craig, Chief Executive Officer
Knut Giske, Leader for Finance
Kobénan Kra, Director of Finance
Koh Ann Huat, Deputy Director, Procurement & Facilities
Koji Fukata, Vice Chairman
Kola Sonola, M-Commerce Director
Kone Kula, Head of Internet Retail
Konstantin Solodukhin, Deputy CEO for International Operations and International Development
Konstantinos Petsas, IT Director
Kpatcha Sourou, Director of Administration and Finance
Krasimir Genov, Chief Commercial Officer
Krasimir Logofetov, Chief Audit Executive
Krause Frank, Chief Finance Officer
Krishnakumar Sadasivam, Head of Customer Care
Krison Chirairo, Finance Director
Kristian Renaas, Head of Sales
Kristiina Mitt, Retail and Customer Services Director
Kristina Leet, Accountant
Kristjan Viilmann, Head of Control and Regulation of International Roaming
Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev, Chairman
Kugan Thirunavakarasu, Head of Product, Device & Innovation (PDI) and Roaming
Kunle Adebiyi, Director of Sales, North
Kurt Camilleri, Consumer Prepaid Marketing Manager
Kurt Eve, Chief Executive Officer
Kurt Freyberger, Chief Finance Officer
Kutarov Aslan Evrikovich, General Manager
Kuvvatova Dilorom, Head of Marketing Department
Kwek Buck Chye, Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Whitehill, Chief Executive Officer
Kym Wittal, Chief Technology Officer
Labri Guedira, Director General
Lakatos Péter, Director of Strategy, Brand and Communications
LaKeitha Robinson, Human Resource Director
Lala Johnson, Director of Purchasing and Logistics
Lale Saral Develioğlu, Chief International Business Officer
Lalith De Silva, Chief Executive Officer
Lambo Kanagaratnam, Chief Technology Officer
Lampros Iskos, Chief Technical Officer
Larisa Tkachuk, Chief Commercial Officer
Larrie Moore, Chief Marketing Officer
Larry Myers, Chief People Officer
Lars Christian Iuel, Chief Executive Officer
Lars Fruergaard, Vice President of Business Markets
Lars Godell, Chief Strategy Officer
Lars Kristian Solheim, Head of Business Control
Lars Nyberg, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lars O Gustafsson, Vice President Business Development
Lars-Åke Norling, Chief Executive Officer
Lasha Tabidze, Commercial Director
Laszlo Imre Barta, Director and Chief Commercial Officer
Lau Hock Chye, Chief Financial Officer
Laura Barbu, Director of Online Marketing
Laura Hallahan, Controller
Laure Besse, Director of Administration and Human Resources
Laurent Giraud, Head of Wholesale
Lawrence McNaughton, General Manager
Lawrence Moore, General Manager 
Lawrence P. Perez, Vice President of Operations
Layla Rahmeh, Corporate Affairs Senior Manager
Lee Chuan Yew, Head of Information Technology
Lee Jung-seok, Managing Director of Cloud Implementation HQ
Lee Kok Chew, Chief Financial Officer
Lee Maddox, CEO's Business Manager
Lee Sang-Chul, Chief Executive Officer
Lee Suk-Chae, Chief Executive Officer
Leho Tamm, Chief Finance Officer
Leisel Ann Ramjoo, Managing Executive: Network Core Operations
Lemma Tesemmma, Chief Legal Officer
Lennox Lee, Director, Outside Plant
LeoBen Teriong , Chief Financial Officer
Leon Hemann, Secretary/Treasurer
Leonard C. Stephens, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Leroy Thomas, Director, Technical Operations
Lesa Handly, Chief Marketing Officer
Leslie Jack, General Manager
Levi Nyakundi, Marketing Director
Lewis Langston, Chief Information Officer
Li Fushen, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
Li Ping, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President
Li Tzar Kai, Chairman
Li Yue, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Lia Vassilaki, Chief Human Resources Officer
Liam McKittrick, Operations Manager
Liat Menahemi-Stadler, General Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Liliana Dănăilă, HR Director
Lim Ming Soon, Chief Executive Officer
Lim Sock Leng, Director, Human Resource & Corporate Development
Lina Galatiltė, Vice President of Customer Services
Lina Giedraitiene, Marketing Director
Linda P. Jojo, Executive Vice President, ITS and Chief Information Officer
Lindayanti Harjono, VP Product Marketing
Linus Rogers, Vice President Regulatory and Asset Rationalization
Lionel Coussi, Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Agard, Executive Vice President - Mobile Services and Vice President Legal
Lisa Major, VP Learning & Development
Lisa Newton, Human Resources, Wireline Sales
Lisy Lee, Head, Corporate Communications
Liu Aili, Executive Director and Vice President, Networks and Information Systems
Liudmila Climoc, Chief Executive Officer
Ljubica "Lubi" Petrich, Vice President and Controller
Logan Pather, Chief Executive Officer
Lorenzo Federico Zanotti Lindner, Chief Commercial Officer
Lorna McPherson, Operations Director
Louis Celier, Chief Financial Officer
Louis J. Tomasetti, President and Chief Executive Officer
Louise Sexton, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary
Loyley Ngira, Chief Executive Officer
Lu Yimin, Executive Director and President
Luann Pearson, Vice President
Ľuboš Gajdoš, Executive Director of Information Systems
Luca Luciani, Chief Executive Officer
Luca Rossetto, Consumer Director
Lucille Aveva, Platinum, Corporate and SME Director
Luck Ochieng, Director, Sales and Distribution
Lucy Quist, Managing Director, Vodafone Wholesale, and Head of Strategy and Planning
Lucy S. Nelson, Vice President
Lucy Tan, Group Chief Financial Officer
Ludick Edward, Manager, Human Resources, Administration and Customer Care
Ludolf Rasterhoff, Chief Operations Officer
Ludovic Pech, Chief Finance Officer
Luigi Lo Basso, Chief Finance Officer
Luigi Roy, Technology Director
Luis Antonio Malvido, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Luis Bernardo Perez, Commercial Vice President
Luis Blasco Bosqued, President
Luis Camara, Marketing Director
Luis Centellas Torrez, Director
Luis Cerón Puelma, Chief Internal Audit Officer
Luis E. Leon, Chief Strategy Officer
Luis Fedriani, IT Director
Luis Miguel Gilpérez, Chief Executive Officer
Luis Pacheco de Melo, Chief Finance Officer
Luiz Alberto Garcia, Chief Executive Officer
Luiza Muller, Accounting & Tax Director
Lungile Nxumalo, Chief Financial Officer
Lyubov Strelkina, Chief Accounting Officer
Lyudmila Jigulina, Accountant General
M Nurul Alam, Company Secretary
M. Alan Gardner, Vice President - Human Resources
M. Hachemi Behhamdi, Chief Executive Officer
Maamoun Al-Fares, Human Resources Director
Maarten Boute, Chief Executive Officer
Maciej Chrzęszczyk, Chief Finance Officer
Maciej Rogalski, Director of Legal Affairs
Maciej Witucki, President of the Board
Macleod Matandika, Chief Financial Officer
Madalina Suceveanu, Chief Technology Officer
Madam Huang Wenlin, Executive Director and Vice President, Human Resources
Madam Ong Swee Kheng, Head, Procurement & Logistics
Madani BAKTACHE, Technology Director
Madhur Taneja, Chief Executive Officer
Maen Melhem, Deputy General Manager
Magbotiade Emmanuel, Director of Human Resources
Magdalena Gera, Chief Human Resources Officer
Magdalina Lin, Executive Vice President, Information Technology Division
Magdi Taha, Information Technology Director
Magdy Gabra, Vice President, Customer Service
Maged Naguib, Vice President, Procurement
Magnus Larsson, Business Unit Manager
Magnus Zetterberg, Networks Director
Mahboob Hossain, Chief Customer Care Officer and Chief Project Management Office
Mahelany Oseked , Human Resources Manager
Maher Barrouk, Network Operations Director
Mahfuzar Rahman, General Manager, Human Resources
Mahmoud Abdulkarim Al Khatib, Vice President for Regulatory Affairs
Mahmud Hossain, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Mahmudur Rahman, Executive Vice President, CRL
Mahtabuddin Ahmed, Chief Financial Officer
Mai Van Binh, General Director, MobiFone
Mailiis Ploomanni, Head of Products
Maixent Bekangba, Sales Director
Maja Koncar, Chief Technology Officer
Maja Neable, Chief Human Resources Officer
Majdi Y. M. Ghannam, Chief Human Resources Officer
Makhmudov Makhsum Mubashirovich, General Director
Makoto Takahashi, Senior Vice President - General Manager, Business Development Sector
Malcolm M. Lorang, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Malek Atrissi, Chief Technical Officer
Malick Thiam, Chief Marketing Officer
Malik Faisal Qayyum, Director S&D
Malik Melamu, Managing Director
Mamadou Bamba, Chief Executive Officer
Mamadou Lamine Traoré, Commercial Officer, Consumer
Mame Aly Dia, Residential, Business and Corporate Officer
Mamuka Marhuliya, Head of Strategy, Corporate Affairs and Legal
Manfred Knapp, Chief Finance Officer
Mani Chaulagain, Chief Executive Officer
Manish Arora, Director Information Systems
Manjit Singh, Executive Director
Manjot Mann, Chief Executive Officer
Manju Fernando, Chief Administrative Officer
Manlio Costantini, Customer Operations Director
Manoj Kohli, Chief Executive Officer
Manon Brouillette, President
Mansoor Al-Khater, Executive Director, Group Strategy
Manuel Araya Arroyo, Chief Regulatory Officer
Manuel Capitão Amaro, Chief Executive Officer
Manuel Fernández, President
Manuel Navarrete Zavala, Chief Finance Officer
Manuel Rosa da Silva, Executive Director, Domestic Business
Manuel Thibaut Ramage, Network Director
Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman
Mar G. Tamayo, Head, Network Services Division
Mara Samaniego, Marketing Director
Marat Abdildabekov, Chief IT Director
Marat Serikov, Commercial Development Director, Mass Market
Marc Eichmann, President
Marc Norris, Commercial Director
Marc Rennard, Executive Vice President, Operations in Africa, the Middle-East and in Asia
Marc Rosenfeld, Director
Marcel Gross, Managing Director 
Marcella Dewi, Head of Partnership and Alliances Development
Marcelo Aleman, Chief Executive Officer
Marcelo E. Villegas , Director of Human Resources
Marcelo Mafra Bicalho, Vice President of Finance
Marcelo O. Fuentes, Head of Quality and Customer Care
Marcelo Prudencio, Chief Executive Officer
Marcheta Chapman, Supervisor of Personnel Services
Marchhart Pál, Director of Wholesale, Regulatory, Legal & Operations
Marco Antonio Campos García, Chief Finance Officer
Marco Bento, Chairman of the Board
Marco Patuano, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer
Marcus Epple, Director of Shops and Retail
Marek Bališ, Senior Business Partner Human Resources
Marek Slacik, Chief Marketing Officer
Marena Janse van Rensburg, Managing Executive: Finance
Margaret Feldman, Vice President - Business Development
Maria D. Carrera Sala, Secretary General
María P. Levati , Director of Real Estate
Maria Pereira, Retail & Customer Care Manager
Maria Vella Galea, Brand Manager
Maria Zesch, Chief Marketing Officer
Mariam Bevi Batcha, Head of Corporate Affairs
Mariana Espangel, Secretary & Treasurer
Mariano Cornejo, Director of Media and Communciation
Marie Christiane Kaul, Director of Finance
Marie Ginette Lepage, Vice President, Product Development, Consumer services
Marie Mesa, Executive Vice President of People Department
Marie Orrell-Dubaz, Vice President, Human Resources
Marie Piuze, Vice President, Control
Marie-Josée Marsan, Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Marietta Aiken, Secretary/Treasurer
Marina A. Dumina, Vice-President, Legal issues
Marina Ushankova, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development
Mario Esquivel, President
Mario F. Capalbo, Director of Network Unit
Mario Mele, Vice President for Consumer Business
Mario Núñez Popper, Vice President, Business Marketing
Maris Intarakomalyasut, Chief Marketing Officer
Marisalve Ciocson-Co, Compliance Officer and Assistant Corporate Secretary
Marius Mariţescu, Switching & Services Director
Marius Yao, Director of Marketing and Communication
Mark A. Stachiw, General Counsel, Secretary & Vice Chairman
Mark Bartolomeo, Vice President - Global Enterprise Sales
Mark Chong Chin Kok, Chief Operating Officer
Mark Dioguardi, Joint Chief Operating Officer
Mark Evans, Chief Finance Officer
Mark Lin, General Manager
Mark Linehan, Chief Executive Officer
Mark Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Naze, Chief Finance Officer
Mark Ocitti, Commercial Director
Mark Romney, General Manager
Mark Shuttleworth, Chief Financial Officer
Mark Wilson, Chief Finance Officer
Marko Boštjančič, Member of the Management Board, Sales, Marketing and Commercial
Marko Lopičić, Executive Director of Corporate Governance
Marko Rissanen, Vice President, Human Resources
Markus Bütler, Vice President Human Resources
Markus Bütler, Vice President, Wholesale & MVNO
Markus Derungs, Head of Private Clients
Markus Haas, Managing Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy, Chefsyndikus
Marlon Johnson, VP Marketing & Brand Communciations
Marni Walden, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Marquett Smith, Vice President - Corporate Communications
Mart Nielsen, Technical Director
Marta Vegas, Director of Corporate Responsibility
Marten Pieters, Chief Executive Officer
Martial Caratti, Director Administration and Finance
Martin Bek, Member of the Board of Directors and Director, Support Units
Martin Furuseth, Chief Marketing Officer
Martin Gregory, Head of Human Resources
Martin Jowi, Head of Supply Chain Management
Martin Lippautz, Chief Commercial Officer
Martin Lippert, Senior Executive Vice President, Business
Martin Peronnet, Director General
Martin Petersén, Operations Director
Martin Škop, Executive Director of Technologies
Martin Toman, Senior Manager of Radio Network Planning
Martine Turcotte, Vice Chairman
Maruf Lawal, Network Manager
Marwa El Ayouti, Chief Financial Officer
Marwan Hayek, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Marwan Salman, Information Director
Marwan Zawaydeh, Chief Executive Officer
Mary Ann Turcke, Executive Vice President, Field Services
Mary Meighan, General Manager, Marketing and Sales
Mary N. Dillon, President and Chief Executive Officer
Maryanne Tsiatsias, Consumer Marketing Director
Masaaki Nakanishi, Vice President
Masahiro Inoue, Senior Vice President - Associate General Manager, Technology Sector Engineerning and Operations
Masatoshi Suzuki, Senior Executive Vice President, Global Business and Corporate
Masayoshi Son, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Matey Komlan, Director of Operations and Maintenance of Network
Mathias Hanel, Chief Marketing Officer
Mathurin Kouassi, Technology Director
Matiul Islam Nowshad, Chief Human Resources Officer
Mato Shimabale, Customer Care Director
Mats Lundquist, Business Area Manager, Business
Matt Carter, President
Matthew Harrison-Harvey, Director, Regulatory and External Affairs
Matthew P. Stoiber, Senior Vice President, Devices
Matthew Willsher, Group Chief Marketing Officer
Matthias Baldermann, Chief Technical Officer
Matthias Hilpert, Vice President Consumer
Matthieu COCQ, Deputy CEO for Strategy and Development
Matthijs Ploos van Amstel, VP Human Resource Management
Mattias Ringqvist, Chief Consumer Officer
Mauri Seiji Ono, Director of Corporate Strategy
Maurice McCarthy, Head of Sales and Distribution
Maurice Newa, Director Customer Care & Strategic Marketing
Maxim Khalmatov, Director of Information Technology
Maxime Lombardini, Chief Executive Officer
Maximo D. Lema, Director of Wholesale Unit
Maxwell Cheng, Executive Vice President, Sales and Channel Management
Mazen Mroue, Chief Executive Officer
Mazri Abdul Rahim, Chief People Officer
Mazyad Nasser Al Harbi, Vice President for Home Services
Md. Mizanul Ghani Milon, Executive Vice President, Central Operations Technology
Md. Zabid Ahsan, Executive Vice President, Brand & Market Communication
Medhat El Husseiny, Chief Corporate Strategy and Business Development Officer
Mehboob Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer
Melanie Kockott, Managing Executive: IT Solutions
Melinda M. Rogers, Senior Vice President Strategy and Development
Meltem Kalender Öztürk, Chief Human Resources Officer
Memory Ndoro, Marketing and Sales Director
Menahem Tirosh, Chief Operating Officer
Meredith Guyot, Director of Human Resources
Merle Isaacson, President
Merza Fachys, Chief Executive Officer
Mette Honnoré, Head of Communications
Miao Jianhua, Member,Party Leadership Group, Leader, Discipline Inspection Group
Michael Ammann, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Carroll, Managing Director
Michael Cole, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Michael Cooper, Chief Business Support Officer
Michael Corner-Jones, Chief Restructuring Officer
Michael Dilley, Field Operations Director
Michael Duncan, President
Michael Foley, Programmes Director
Michael George, Director, Marketing and Sales
Michael Hecker, Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development
Michael Huber, Chairman
Michael Ikpoki, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Juul, Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy
Michael Karakostas, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Senior Counsel
Michael Krammer, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Kuehner, Managing Director
Michael Magambo, Corporate Sales Director
Michael McPhail, Chief Technology Officer
Michael Mertsch, Chief Technical Officer
Michael Morgan, Chief Finance Officer
Michael Palmer, Manager Engineering Services
Michael Redlich, Head of IT
Michael Rosenthal, Director of Legal & External Affairs
Michael S. Irizarry, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Engineering and Information Services
Michael Sascha Cluzel, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Stanley, Head of Human Resources
Michael Strople, Chief Technology and Information Officer
Michael Townsley, Sales, Distribution and Region Director
Michael Tsamaz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Walekwa, National Sales and Distribution Manager
Michael Wilkens, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Michael Young, Chief Technology Officer
Michal Dvořák, IT Director
Michał Wawrzynowicz, Chief Sales Officer
Michalis Sioros, Network Operations & Maintenance Executive Director
Michel Assaf, Chief Information Officer
Michel Elame, Chief Executive Officer
Michel Fofana, Director of Information Systems
Michel Georgis, Executive Vice President Consumer Business Unit
Michel Herbert, Director General
Michel Levet, Chief Technical Officer
Michelle Goodman, Manager, Marketing and Sales Support
Michiel van Eldik, Managing Director Wholesale & Partner Management
Mickael Faure, Chief Marketing Officer
Mickael Ghossein, Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Almeida, Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Geraldes, Managing Director
Miguel Martins, Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Rivera, Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Vivardo, Head of Investor and Government Relations
Mihaela Ioniţă, Legal Director
Mihaela Kalaydjieva, Secretary General
Mihai Barbut, Sales & Customer Care Director
Mihreteab Tesfagergios, Head of Mobile Phone Service
Mike Adenuga (Jnr.), OON, Chairman of the Board
Mike Anderson, Chief Finance Officer
Mike Bly, Director of Business Operations
Mike Dee, Chief Executive Officer
Mike Goss, Chief Technology Officer
Mike Loundes, Customer Services & Technology Director
Mike Michel, Chief Marketing Officer
Mike O'Connor, Co-founder, Business Development & Corporate Strategy Officer
Mike Selaga, Manager Malaita Region
Mikhail Batranets, General Director
Mikhail Dubin, Deputy to Director General for Strategy and Development
Mikhail Yakovlev, Vice-President, Organizational Development and Human Resources
Mikkel Torsting, Vice President of Consumer Markets
Milan Mekić, Chief Officer of the Corporate Affairs Division
Milan Vašina, Managing Director
Milan Zika, Director of Network Operations
Milenko Cvijanović, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales
Milica Raičević, Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care
Milija Zeković, Chief Sales Officer
Mille Svensson, Brand and Communications Manager
Mindaugas Ubartas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Minister Harry R. Fritz, Vice Chairman
Minna Miettinen, Vice President, Products and Content
Minoru R. Mori, Chuuk State Manager
Mireille Kabamba, Head of airtel Money
Miriam Hvidt, Senior Executive Vice President, Investor Relations
Mirko Bibic, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer and Executive Vice President
Mirko Tuš, Director
Miroslav Jovanovic, Chief Information and Technology Officer
Miroslav Majoroš, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Miroslav Rakowski, President
Mitch Vieu, Senior Manager Telecom Operations
Mitsunobu Komori, Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer
Mladen Pejkovic, Chief Executive Officer
Moawya Madibbo, Marketing Director
Mock Pak Lum, Head, Network Engineering and Information Services
Mohamadou KONKOBO, Marketing Director
Mohamd Salah Abdi, Managing Director
Mohamed Bader, Directeur General
Mohamed Elmandjra, Director General
Mohamed Fitri bin Abdullah, Senior Vice President, Enterprise and Government Business
Mohamed Hassan Osman, Chief Financial Officer
Mohamed Hazmath Abdulla, Director Administration, Property and Procurement
Mohamed Izmar, Directory of Information Systems
Mohamed Nabih, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
Mohamed Zuraish Shayam Majeed, Group Chief Officer – Commercial & Programme Management
Mohammad Farid b. Mohamed Yunus, Chief Strategy & Business Transformation Officer
Mohammad Nasrullah, Chief Technical Officer
Mohammad Shah Alam, General Manager of System Engineering
Mohammad Tawrit, General Managers of IT & Billing
Mohammed Ahmed Al Zarouni, Senior Vice President – Sales
Mohammed bin Abudl Aziz Al-Ageel, Chief Executive Officer
Mohammed Elbashir, Operators & Carrier Executive Manager
Mohammed ELfateh Eltigani, Business Services Executive Manager
Mohammed Ghadfi, Chief Executive Officer
Mohammed Hariri, Chairman of the Board
Mohammed Nasser Al Jasser, Vice President for Enterprise Services
Mohammed Qaryouti, Chief Finance Officer
Mohammed Sheriff, Marketing& Business Development Executive Manager
Mohammed Zainalabedin, General Manager
Moni Buchnik, Chief Executive Officer
Mónica de Filippis, Director of Human Resources
Mónica Sala, Chief Executive Officer
Monika Hovorková, Vice President for Brand and Communications
Monique Mercier, Senior Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Monishi Ghosh, Senior Vice President - Operations, Bihar
Montchai Noosong, Senior Executive Vice President - Senior Advisory Committee
Morakot Thienmontree, Senior Executive Vice President - Marketing and Product Development
Mornjay O. George - Pratt, Human Resource Senior Manager
Morten Bentzen, Vice President of Business
Morten Christiansen, Chief Executive Officer
Moses Tedumo, Head of Access Network
Motasem Attili, Marketing and Business Development Director
Moulaye Ahmed Bassy, Director of Commerce
Moussa Kanté, Audit, Risk and Quality Officer
Moussa Sakho, Human Resources Officer
Moussavou Ipepet Elisabeth, Director of Human Resources
Mpumelelo Makhubu, Corporate Affairs Manager
Mrinal Roy, Chief Operating Officer
Mudesir Suleiman, Projects Executive Manager
Muhammad Irfan Chaudhry, Chief Technical Officer
Muhammad Nehmatullah Toor, S.E.V.P (Finance) / Chief Financial Officer
Muhammad Ziaullah Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer
Muhammed Jah, Chief Executive Officer
Mujibur Rahman, Managing Director
Mulenga A Ceasor, Chief Executive Officer
Mumbi Kandeke Mwila, Human Resource and Administration Director
Muna Al Hashemi, General Manager Consumer Division
Muneer Farooqui, Chief Executive Officer
Muriel Anton, Chief Executive Officer
Musthag Ahmed Didi, Director Customer Solutions
Myrianne Collin, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Consumer Services
Nabil Younan, Chief Financial Officer
Nadia Hussain, General Manager, Government Relations
Nadia Jarrar, Customers Care Director
Nadim Khater, Chief Commercial Officer
Nadir Mohamed, F.C.A., President and Chief Executive Officer
Najwa Zeidan, Finance Director
Nalini Vieira, Head of Sales and Distribution
Nancy Clark, President - Northeast Area
Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and Chief Executive Officer
Narcís Serra Serra, Vice President
Narda Garcia, Chief Operating Officer
Narendran KC, Circle Business Head
Nasser Marafih, Group Chief Executive Officer
Nassos Zarkalis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nasution Mohamed, Chief Financial Officer
Natalia Chumachenko, Executive Vice President, Mass market development
Natalia Sosedkina, Chief Finance Officer
Nataliya Bereza, Vice President, Human Resources
Navanit Narayan, Chief Service Delivery Officer
Navarun Sen, Circle Business Head
Naveed Saeed, S.E.V.P (Commercial)
Nayla Khawam, Chief Executive Officer
Nchimunya Matongo Hachandi, Financial Controller
Neak Oknha Kith Meng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nedžad Rešidbegović, Chief Executive Officer
Neeraj GALA, Marketing Director
Neil Leo Suares, Commercial Director
Neil Montefiore, Chief Executive Officer
Neka Hicks, Network Technical Director
Nelson Pereira, Chief Technology Officer
Nerijus Datkūnas, Vice President of Finance
Nerissa Alves, Human Resources Manager
Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer
Ng Long Shyang, Head, Sales and Marketing‬
Ng Yoke Weng, Group Chief Information Officer
Ngann Yonn Jean Simon, Chief Marketing Officer
Nguyen Duy Tho, Managing Director
Nguyen The Binh, Deputy Chief Excutive Officer
Niall Dorrian, Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Högberg, Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Mulila, Executive Business Analyst and PMO
Nicholas Ng’ang’a, Chairman of the Board
Nick Olson, Group Chief Financial Officer
Nick Parbutt, Director of Wholesale
Nico Heyns, Chief Executive Officer
Nicolas Biagosch, Chief Executive Officer
Niek Jan van Damme, Managing Director
Niels Breining, Senior Executive Vice President and CEO
Nigel Dews, Chief Executive Officer
Nigel Thompson, Head of Carrier Services
Nikita Sergienko, Chief Finance Officer
Nikola Ljušev, Chief Executive Officer
Nikolaos Costaras, Chief Information Officer
Nikolaos Mastorakis, Chief Technology Officer
Nikolaos Sophocleous, Chairman
Nikos Babalis, Chief Network Officer
Nilso Paulo da Silva, Commercial Director
Nilson Pascoal, Chief Commerical Officer
Nina-Claudia Ndabaneze, Head of Marketing
Nir Sztern, Chief Executive Officer
Nirmal Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Information Officer
Nishantha Weerakoon, Senior General Manager Finance and procurement
Nishat Hossain, Executive Vice President, EPMO
Nixon Wampamba, Revenue Assurance Manager
Nizar Abdelrahman Musa, Networks Director
Nizar El-Assaad, Information Technology Director
Nobuto Hiraide, Vice President
Noel Hamill, Director of Sales and Distribution
Noël Litanga, Director of Information Technology
Noël Litanga, IT Director
Nombulelo Moholi, Group Chief Executive Officer
Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin, Chief Information Technology & Transformation Officer
Noppadol Dej-Udom, Group Chief Financial Officer
Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, Executive Vice President - Senior Advisory Committee
Norbert Villanueva , Chief Operations Officer
Norredine Boumzebra, Director General
Norris Campbell, Corporate Secretary
Nour Shebaro, Director of Human Resources
Nuha Al Masri, Human Resources Director
Nuno Pinto Gonçalves, Vice President
Nuno Ribeiro, Corporate Sales Director
Nuriddin Shadmanov, Deputy General Director and Commercial Officer
Nushad Mario Jayasingha Arachchige Perera, Group Chief Marketing Officer
Nzioka Waita, Director, Corporate Affairs
O Seong-mok, Wireless Network General Manager and Executive Director
Oare Ojeikere, Director, Marketing
Obaid Mohammed Al Sharid, Senior Vice President – Financial Operations
Obert S. Mandimika, Marketing Director
Oguz Memiguven, Chief Executive Officer
Oknha Kith Thieng, Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Oksana Modelova, Head of Customer Services
Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive Officer
Olav Henrik Kjorstad, Director of Strategy and Business Development
Ole Martin Gunhildsbu, Chief Technology Officer
Ole Stenkil, Vice President of Legal
Oleg Klochko, General Director
Oleg Nikolayenko, Director for Cross-Sector Projects
Oleg Raspopov, Vice President, Head of Business Unit "MTS Foreign Subsidiaries"
Oleg Vojtíšek, Director of Customer Care
Oleh Prozhivalskiy, Corporate Management and Control Officer
Oleksandr Dorofiy, Acting Technical Director/Deputy Technical Director
Olga Berezhna, Human Resources Director
Olga N. Turischeva, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Olga Narvskaya, Chief Strategy Officer
Olga Nikolenko, Deputy Commercial Director
Olga Rumyantseva, Executive Director – Director of Corporate Clients Sales Department
Olga Tamm, Manager, Accounting
Olga Touré, Director of Quality
Oliver Gerstgrasser, Chairman of the Board
Oliver Steil, Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Jaomiary, Director of Human Resources
Olivier Roussat, Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Ysewijn, Chief Strategy Officer
Olumide Olayomi, Head Government and Community Relations
Oluwatosin Ogunlana, Head of Regional Sales, North 1
Omar Al Sahili, Sales Director
Omar Al-Omar, Chief Executive Officer
Omar Omoush, Director of Marketing
Ómar Svavarsson, Chief Executive Officer
Omer Abdullah Al Nomany, Vice President for Information Technology
Omer Mahgoub, GM Sale & Distribution
Omer Rashid, Chief Customer Officer
Ophias Sherewa, General Manager, Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
Orapin Pongvaramitchai, Head of Human Resource
Oraz Abdurazakov, Senior Manager of Public Relations
Orçun Onat, Assistance General Manager Customer Care
Orhan Coşkun, Chief Executive Officer
Orkunt Yozgat, Deputy Director General and Commercial Director
Orlando B. Vea, Chief Wireless Adviser
Orlando Vallone, Director of Central Region
Osama Abdella Abdo Kahin, Chief Sales Officer
Oscar Borda, Chief Executive Officer
Oscar Peña Chacón, Chief Executive Officer
Osman Mukhtar Elmubark, DataNet Executive Manager
Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer
Ossama Bessada, Chief Executive Officer
Otakar Král, Finance Director
Oulaha Thongvantha, Chairman
Ousmane B Traoré, Administrative and Finance Officer
Ove Muuk, Billing and IT Director
Øystein Mikkelsen, Chief Technical Officer
P Lakshminarayana, Chief Operating Officer
Pablo Barletta, Vice President
Pablo Guardia, Director General
Pablo López, Chief Executive Officer
Padapphet XAYAKHOT, Vice President, National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications
Paget L. Alves, Chief Sales Officer
Palliyaralalage Don vincent Pradeep Kumar De Almeida, Group Chief Technology Officer
Pam Briggs, Director, Customer Services
Pam Murphy, Chief Finance Officer
Panos Makris, Chief Commercial Officer
Paolo Bertoluzzo, Chief Executive Officer
Papa Ahmedou Gaïdy Ndaw, Director of Sales
Pape Demba Diallo, SME Director
Papon Ratanachaikanont, Chief Commercial Officer in Charge of Sales and Retail
Parag Sen, Chief Marketing Officer
Partick Berthié, Director of Planning and Strategy
Pascal Assaad, Information Technology Director
Pascal Koster, Chief Technology Officer
Pasi Koistinen, Chief Executive Officer
Pasi Mäenpää, Executive Vice President, Corporate Customers
Pat McElroy, Vice President of Business Development
Patayodi Norbert Pahounatom, Technical Advisor to the Director General in Charge of System Quality Management
Patrice W Namisano, Supply Chain Director
Patricia Maher, Country Manager
Patricia Obo-Nai, Chief Technology Officer
Patricia Raquel Hevia Coto, Chief Operating Officer
Patricia Walters, Head of Customer Services Operations
Patrick Boateng, Head of External Affairs
Patrick Chan, Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Chan, Executive Director
Patrick D. Riordan, President and Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Fouquerière, Director of Supplier Relations
Patrick Ip, Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Ittah, Chief Executive Officer
Patrick JOSSET, Business development Director
Patrick King, Head of Consumer Sales
Patrick Michael Scodeller, Chief Technical Officer
Patrick Mtamba, Managing Executive-Human Resource & Administration
Patrick Pisal Hamida, Director General
Patrick Umba, Strategic Projects Coordinator
Paul ADJAHI, Director of Information Systems
Paul Baeck, Chief Commercial Officer
Paul Beauregard, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Paul Bergmann, Chief Finance Officer
Paul Bodfish Sr, Vice President
Paul Bradley, Head of Communications
Paul Donovan, Chief Executive Officer
Paul E. Landes, Senior Vice President, Consumer Services
Paul Geason, Group Managing Director
Paul Gilligan, General Manager
Paul Hodges, Executive Vice President, Corporate, Wholesale and International
Paul Hyde, Head of Channels & Marketing
Paul Kelly, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Kempers, Chief Operations Officer
Paul Kingzio , Chief Administrative Officer
Paul Marshall, Vice Chairman
Paul Mullins, Government Sales Director
Paul O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Peckels, Director
Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Ryan, Strategy Director
Paul Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Tevlone, Chief Human Resources Officer
Paul Whelan, Chief Finance Officer
Paula C.M. Lee, Corporate Communications Manager
Pauline Van Horn, Chairman
Paul-Marie Dessart, Secretary General
Paulo Cesar Teixeira, General and Executive Director
Pavel Hlavinka, Vice President for Enterprise Business
Pavel Zaitsev, Vice President - Director for Commerce
Pavineer Pornpermsook, Executive Vice President Corporate Sales and Services - Marketing and Product Development
Pavol Lančarič, Chief Executive Officer
Pedro Leitão, Executive Director, Residential Business Segment
Pedro Ripper, Head of Innovation and New Business
Pekka Väisänen, Vice President, Consumer Business
Pepe Christian Fruean, Chief Executive Officer
Per Christian Morland, Chief Finance Officer
Per-Arne Blomquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Perece Kirigiti, Human Resources Director
Pernilla Oldmark, Communications Officer
Pernille Erenbjerg, Chief Finance Officer
Perry G. Erdmann, Chief Finance Officer
Petar Popovic, Executive Director
Peter Arina, General Manager, Consumer SBU
Peter Baláž, Manager of Online Customer Care
Peter Bithos, Advisor for the Consumer Customer Facing Unit
Peter Doveren, Director of Customer Management
Peter Ewens, Chief Strategy Officer
Peter Foyo, Chief Executive Officer
Peter Garamfel, Yap State Manager
Peter Gažík, Director of Public Affairs
Peter Gillis, VP Wireless Operations
Peter Goldsсheider, Chairman
Peter Gregersen, People and Transformation Officer
Peter K. Simpson, Senior Vice President of Business Development
Peter Kakaire, Head of M-Sente (Mobile Payments)
Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director
Peter Kirk Nielsen, Director of Human Resourecs
Peter Kokoani, Head of Fixed-Line Retail
Peter Lidov, Chief Communications Officer
Peter Loko, Chief Executive Officer
Peter Nebenführ, Chief Marketing Officer
Peter Rampling, Managing Director Marketing
Peter Walz, Director, Strategy & Corporate Partners
Peter WONG, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Zydek, Chief Finance Officer
Petr Slováček, 2nd Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and Director, Operations Division
Petra Berecová, Chief Human Resources Officer
Petras Masiulis, Chief Executive Officer
Petrus Johannes Uys, Chief Executive Officer
Petter Furberg, Chief Marketing Officer
Petteri Niemi, Chief Operating Officer
Pham Le Thanh, General Director
Phil Menary, Chairman
Phil Offer, Director of Mobility and Convergence
Philip B. Lind, C.M., Executive Vice President Regulatory and Vice Chairman
Philip Joseph, Head of Customer Relations Management
Philip Lacor, Director of Enterprise Business Unit
Philip Sowah, Director General
Philip Van Dalsen, Chief Executive Officer
Philipp Humm, President and Chief Executive Officer
Philippe Chevalier, Vice President Finance & Administration
Philippe Cuenot, Director of Human Resources
Philippe Luxcey, Chief Executive Officer
Philippe Marien, Chairman
Philippe Minel, Chief Executive Officer
Phillip Besiimire, Chief Marketing Officer
Phillip R. Terry, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Phoday Sisay, General Manager, Gamcel
Photis Savvides, Chief Executive Officer
Phoukhong BANNAVONG, Deputy Director General of Evaluation Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment
Pichet Angchanpen, Senior Executive Vice President - Property Management
Pierre Blouin, Chief Executive Officer
Pierre Fattouch, Chairman
Pierre Louette, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group General Secretary, France Carriers Division and Group Sourcing and Supply Chain
Pierre ROY-CONTANCIN, Corporate Secretary
Pierrot Maweja, Director of Customer Service
Pieter Uys, Chief Executive Officer
Pietro Labriola, Business Director
Piller Gábor, Director of Enterprise Business Unit
Piotr Muszyński, Vice President of Operations, responsible for IT, network and wholesale services
Piotr Sobiś, Board Member
Pituck Kamarat, Executive Vice President Legal - Legal and Beneficial Assurance Management and Acting Senior Executive Vice President Legal and Beneficial Assurance Management
Podhorányi László, Director of Consumer Management Unit
Pong-amorn Nimpoonsawat, Chief Financial Officer
Poopalasingam Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer
Portia Maurice, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Pradeep Shiravastava , Chief Marketing Officer
Prakash K Paranjape, Chief Information Officer
Praveen Rajan, Head of Mobile Internet & Advanced Data Services
Predrag Ćulibrk, Director General
Preeya Danchaivijit, Executive Vice President Finance and Accounting - Finance
Přemysl Filip, Senior Manager of Corporate Responsibility
Pushpa Mani Pradhan, General Manager Mobile
R. Lynn Costlow, Vice President, Customer Service
R. Tyler Wallis, Senior Vice President, Product and Marketing
R.K.Upadhyay, Chairman & Managing Director
Rab Paramothayan, International Director
Rabab Osman Abdlkareem, Director of Human Resources
Rachael Rance, Human Resources & Office Manager
Rachel Empey, Managing Director Finance (CFO)
Rachid Mechahouri, Director of Networks
Rachid Sefrioui, Director of Strategy and Regulation
Radek Štěrba, Executive Director of the Department for sales and customer service
Radmila Vajs, Director of Economic Affairs
Radoslav Nanev, Procurement, Logistics and Fleet Director
Raed Kanaan, Chief Technical Officer
Raed Rasheed, Director of Sales
Raef Salha, Vice President, HR and Admin
Rafael Boasman, Chairman
Rafael Marin, Chief Information Officer
Rafael Melo, Director of Marketing
Rafal Markiewicz, Chief Technology Officer
Raghu Venkataraman, Chief Strategy and Investments Officers
Rahul De, Chief Marketing Officer
Raihan Shamsi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Raimonds Peļņa, Chief Executive Officer
Rajan Swaroop, Chief Executive Officer
Rajat K Mukarji, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Rajeev Sharma, Circle Business Head
Rajesh Agrawal, Network Director
Rajesh K Srivastava, Chief Commercial Officer
Rajesh Wadhwa, Director - Consumer Fixed Access
Rajiv Sethi, Circle Business Head
Rajkumarr Venkataraman, Technical Manager
Rajvardhan Singh Bhullar, Managing Director
Rakesh Goswami, Chief Finance Officer
Rakesh Kumar Agarwal, Director - Consumer Mobility
Ralf Hundertmark, VP Finance & Controlling
Ralph de la Vega, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ralph Yirikian, General Director
Rami Eid, Finance Director
Ramiro Lafarga Brollo, Chief Executive Officer
Ramon Ralph G. Matriano, Head - Consumer Sales
Ramy Reyad Kamel, Chief Technical Officer
Ran Harpaz, Vice President of Information Technology
Rana Abbadi, Vice President, General Services and Corporate Support
Randall Berry, Installation and Repair Supervisor
Randall L. Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer
Randy Bikraj, Chief Information Officer
Randy Campbell, Treasurer
Randy Wright, President
Rani Assaf, Technical Director
Raphaël Boulanger, Legal Director
Rashed Al Abbar, Vice President - Home Products
Rashid Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer
Rashid Khan, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ratan N. Tata, Chairman
Raul Ernesto Velasco, Chief Marketing Officer
Raul Nicholson-Coe, Operations Director
Raúl Tapia Beltrán, Director
Ray Stewart, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Raymond J. Roman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Raymond Laforce, Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca V. Eclipse, Head - Office of Strategy Management
Reginald Kafeero, Chief Commercial Officer
Reginald L. Phillips, Procurement & Support Services Senior Manager
Régine Vital, Customer Service Director
Regis Romero, Chief Officer Africa
Renato M. Jiao, Head - Human Resources
Rene G. Banez, Head, Administration and Materials Management Division/Carrier Business Group
Rene Meza, Managing Director
René Nutt, Head of Services
René Parák, Director of Communications
Rene Schuster, Chief Executive Officer
Reward Kangal, Managing Director
Reynaldo Magana, Chief Finance Officer
Reza Massourian, Roaming and Interconnect Manager
Rhys Ebanks, Head of Technology
Ricardo D. Luttini, Audit Director
Ricardo Indra, Head of Corporate Communication Division
Richard A. Dunn Jr, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Richard Büchi Buc, Vice President
Richard Daly, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Fraser, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Richard Ihuel, Director of Brand and Customer Experience
Richard L. Misech , General Manager
Richard Marahora, Manager Property
Richard Mwami, Head of Public Access and Mobile Money
Richard P. Dowling, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Richard Peiffer, Director of Corporate Sales
Richard Porter, Head of Consumer Mobile Products
Richard Ruhl, General Manager 
Richard Shearer, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Sherwood, Director of Consumer Business Unit
Richard Staunton, General Manager
Richard Stigaard, Chief Operations Officer
Richard Summerfield, Human Resources Director
Richard Tsai, Chairman
Richard Viel, Chief Operating Officer
Richard Woodward, Chief Finance Officer
Rick Banks, General Manager & Secretary Treasurer
Rick Vergin, Chief Executive Officer
Ricky S. Mapani, General Manager, EW Capital
Rico Kunfermann, Head of International Relations
Rifau Ibrahim, Commercial Director
Riitta Tiuraniemi, Chief Executive Officer
Rita Chan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Rita Hui, General Manager, Human Resources
Ritesh Singh, Circle Business Head
Rituraj Kalita, Circle Business Head
Ritvars Krievs, Chief Technical Officer
Rizwan Akhter, Director of Advertising and Promotions
Roar Bjaerum, Vice President, Financial Services
Rob Bruce, President Communications
Rob McFadzien, Chief Financial Officer
Rob McNabb, Marketing Director
Robert A. Strickland, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Robert A. Young, Executive Vice President, Field Operations
Robert Andrew Shuter, Chief Financial Officer
Robert B. Reukauf, President
Róbert Budafoki, Chief Operating Officer, Business Services Business Unit
Robert Chvátal, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Collymore, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Dashian, Chief Sales and Customer Service Officer
Robert Dépatie, President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Erzin, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Finnegan, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Garnett, Director
Robert H. Riordan, Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate Development
Robert Hauber, Chief Finance Officer and Vice Chairman of the Executive Management Board
Robert J. Irving, Jr., Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Robert L. McAvoy Jr. , Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations
Robert Mauer, General Manager
Robert McFadzien, Chief Technology Officer
Robert McFarlane, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Robert Nason, Group Managing Director, Project New and Customer Experience
Róbert Pataki, Chairman of the Board
Robert Pataki, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer
Robert Saab, Chief Technology Officer
Robert Tan, Chief Technical Adviser
Robert W. Haulbrook, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer
Roberto Coutinho Mendes, President
Roberto Larocca, Consumer Division Director
Roberto Peón, Chief Executive Officer
Robertson Szetu, Manager Marketing
Robin Ayoung, Human Resources Director
Robin Hundupi, Head of Internal Audits & Investigations
Rochelle J. Boersma, Vice President, Agent Effectiveness
Rock Hsu, Chairman
Rod Snodgrass, Chief Product Officer
Rodell A. Garcia, Head - Network and IT Transformation and Head - Information Systems Group
Rodger Lingerfelt, Senior Operations Supervisor
Rodney Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Distribution
Rodolfo A. Salalima, Chief Legal Counsel and Senior Advisor
Rodolfo Paguia Pantoja , President Director
Rogelio Viesca Arrache, Chief Executive Officer
Roger Bundridge, General Manager 
Roger D. Linquist, Chief Executive Officer
Roger Edenborough, President
Roger Hermsen, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Fixed Services
Roger Kuong, Director, Engineering & Operations
Roger Tang, President - South Area
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Head of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Rogerio Takayanagi, Chief Marketing Officer
Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director, Optus Small and Medium Business Group
Rola Abu Daher, Chief Technical Officer
Roland Certeza, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Roland Loumbou, Director of Operations
Roland Mahler, Chairman of the Board
Roland Mahler, Chairman of the Board
Rolandas Ryliškis, Vice President of Network Technology
Rolando G. Peña, Head, Customer Service Assurance Group
Roly Klinger, Vice President Chief Legal counsel and Company Secretary
Roman Frolov, Chief Accountant
Romas Bunevičius, Advisor to the President
Ron McCue, Chief Operations Officer
Ron Stone, Director of Plant Operations
Ron Styles, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ronald Dabreo, Technical Manager
Ronald Duncan, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ronald E. Spears, Senior Executive Vice President – Executive Operations
Ronan Creaney, Director of Sales
Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive Officer
Ronit Rubin, Vice President CIO of the IT Division
Ronny Hanna, Technical Director
Rosa Tang, Financial Controller
Rose Tyone, President
Rosie Yu, Chief Financial Officer
Ross Cormack, Chief Executive Officer
Rowena Edwards, General Manager, Administration and Human Resources
Roy N. Pugh, Vice President
Royderitz Tati, Manager Information Systems
Rubaba Dowla, Chief Service Officer and Head-M Commerce
Rubén Butvilofsky, Chief Executive Officer
Rüdiger Köster, Chief Information and Technology Officer
Rudiger Schulz, Chief Executive Officer
Rudolf Schrefl, Chief Commercial Officer
Rudolf Urbánek, Customer Services & Sales Director
Ruhul Amin, Executive Vice President, Business Partnering
Rui Neves, Chief Technical Officer
Rui Nóbrega, Chief Information Officer
Ruslan Ibragimov, Vice President, Corporate and Legal Matters
Russell Davis, Director, Systems Engineering
Russell Stanners, Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Johnson, Director of Sales & Marketing
Ryan Sinclair, Chief Technical Officer
Rytis Ambrazevičius, Vice President of Sales
Ryuji Yamada, President and Chief Executive Officer
S. Douglas Hutcheson, President and Chief Executive Officer
S.K. Mukhopadhyay, Chief Financial Officer
S.P. Pachauri, Chief Human Resources Officer
S.R. Sayal, Company
Saad Dhafer Al Qahtani, Group CEO for Strategic Operations
Saber Feizi, Managing Director
Sabin Kifungo, Chief Operating Officer
Sabine Bauer, Chief Sales Officer
Sabine Hogl, Chief Finance Officer
Sacha Thompson, Chief Operating Officer
Sachio Semmoto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Sadia Ahmad, Head of Human Resources & Administration
Sadiq Mohammed Mosleh, Chief Executive Officer
Sæunn L. Nolsøe, Communications Director
Sævar Freyr Þráinsson , Chief Executive Officer
Sailesh Iyer, Chief Executive Officer
Sajid Mahmood, Chief Information and Commercial Officer
Sajja Muangthong, Senior Executive Vice President - Enterprise Effectiveness
Saleh al-Abdouli, Chief Executive Officer
Saleh Al-Houti, Chief Regulatory Officer
Saleh Tarradah, General Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Salia Gbane, Director General
Salih Mohamed Ali Omer, Corporate Communication Director
Sally Cowdry, Marketing and Consumer Director
Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran, Chief Executive Officer
Salvador Cortés Gómez, Chief Operating Officer
Salvador Montes de Oca, Director of Marketing
Sam Edoho, Director of Sales
Sam Elangalloor, Managing Director
Sam Kennedy, General Manager of Queensland and Northern Territory
Saman Perera, Senior General Manager Information Systems
Same Kgosiemang, General Manager Internal Audit
Samer Fares, General Counsel
Sami Jarar, Director of HR and Corporate Affairs
Sami Seppänen, Chief Executive Officer
Sami Ylikortes, Executive Vice President, Administration
Samir Douik, Director of Client Services
Samuel Skott, Business Area Manager Consumer
Samy Ahmed Al Ghassany, Vice President Integrated Network and Technology
Samya Hussein, Corporate Communications Manager
Sandeep Basu, Chief Executive Officer
Sandip Das, Chief Executive Officer
Sandra J. Price, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Sandra Marlene De Zoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer
Sandra Pickering, Head of Technology
Sandra Štajner, Chief Communications Officer
Sandro Pisani, Strategy Director
Sangay Zam, Chairperson
Sanjay Garg, Chief Executive Officer
Sanjay Jain, Finance Director
Sanjeev Govil, Chief Operating Officer
Sanjoy Mukerji, Chief Commercial Officer
Sanjoy Sen, Head of Finance
Sanson Ogenio, Chief Technology Officer
Santhosh Kumar, Fiber Manager
Sarat Dutt LALLAH, Chief Executive Officer
Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Director
Saša Leković, Chief Technical Officer
Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer
Satish Kumar Kannan, Circle Business Head
Saud Abdullah Albawardi, Chief Commercial Officer
Saud bin Majed Al Daweesh, Chief Executive Officer
Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer
Saulos Chilima, Managing Director
Saundra Dalrymple, Finance Manager
Scott Alcott, Executive Vice President Service Delivery Engine
Scott Gegenheimer, Chief Executive Officer
Scott Morris, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Sean Auguste, General Manager
Sean Duncan, IT Manager
Sean Latty, Country Manager
Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Office
Sebastián Domínguez Phillipi, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Sebastian Ebel, Director, Finance
Sebastian Georg Prange, Vice President Consumer Sales
Sébastien Aubé, Director General Martinique and Marketing Antilles Guyane
Sébastien Kulling, Vice President Customer Experience & Loyalty
Segbedji Rousselin, Human Resources Director
Según Sofía Rodríguez-Sahagún, Director of Marketing
Seifeldin Osman, HR & Admin.Affairs Executive Manager
Seiji Goto, Senior Vice President
Seizo Onoe, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of R&D Strategy Department
Selen Kocabas, Chief Corporate Business Unit Officer 
Selina Luwisha, Chief Legal Officer
Seo Yu-yeol, President of Home Business
Serge Legris, Vice President, Engineering - Wireless Access
Serge Pennaneach, Head of IT/Billing
Sergei Khrenov, Information Security and Counter-Fraud Officer
Sergei Popkov, General Director, BelTelecom
Sergei Soldatenkov, Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Lukash, Vice-President
Sergey Mironov, General Director
Sergey Zakuraev, General Director
Sergio Borges Chaia, Chief Executive Officer
Sérgio Pelegrino, Chief Finance Officer
Serkan Okandan, Chief Financial Officer
Serpil Timuray, Chief Executive Officer
Seydi Ahmed Sy SARR, Director General
Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Hashemi, Vice Chairman
Sha Yuejia, Executive Director and Vice President, Marketing, Data and Corporate
Shachar Landau, Vice President, Operations
Shadi Al-Gerjawi, Chief Executive Officer
Shafeeka Gunasekera, Manager Corporate Communications & PR
Shafik Azlee Mashar, Vice President, Internal Audit
Shahram Setayesh, Chief Executive Officer
Shailendra Naidu, Chief Commercial Officer
Shailendra Prasad, Corporate Affairs and Product Manager
Shaio-Tung Chang, President
Shameel Joosub, Chief Executive Officer
Shamik Das, Head of Wireless
Shane Mora, Marketing Director
Shane Trotman, Senior Operations Supervisor
Shankar Arumugavelu, Chief Information Officer
Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Sales Officer
Sharan Shetty, Head - Sales & Marketing
Sharez Laws, Marketing Manager
Sharon Amit, Vice President of Human Resources
Shawn G. Grosz, Director of Network Technology
Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman of the Board
Sheikh Hamid al- Ahmar, Chairman of the Board
Sheilla Mugugu, General Counsel, Legal and Regulatory
Shekila Ramalingam, Chief Information Officer
Sheldon Mundle, Chief Information Officer
Sherif Hanna, Vice President, Human Resources
Sherwyn Osbourne, Head of Customer Care
Shilah Butler, Senior Manager Affiliate Operations
Shinichi Ata, Director
Shiva Kumar, Chief Technical Officer
Shivan Bhargava, Chief Operating Officer
Shivanie Rampersad, IT Director
Shivendra Nautiyal, Chief Technical Officer
Shivkumar Mudaliar, Circle Business Head
Shri A.K.Garg, Chairman & Managing Director
Shri Gajendra Upadhyay, GM Regulatory Affairs
Shri Kuldip Singh, Chief Technology Officer
Shri Peeyush Aggarwal, Executive Director
Shu Yeh, Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer
Shuichi Kukita, Senior Vice President
Shyam Roy, Chief Executive Officer
Shyue-Ching Lu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Sibel Türkmen, Chief Financial Officer
Siegfried Mayrhofer, Chief Finance Officer
Sieka Gatabaki, Money Director
Sigvart Voss Eriksen, Chief Commercial Officer
Sigve Brekke, Chairman
Sigve Brekke, Managing Director
Siim A. Vanaselja, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Sikandar Naqi, S.E.V.P (Corporate Development)
Silvia de Blasio, Head of Media Relations and Corporate Communication
Silviu Georgescu, Head of Technology
Simon Lockie, Chief Regulatory Officer
Simon Montanaro, Chief Technical Officer
Simon Murray, President
Simon Perkins, Chief Executive Officer
Simone Battiferri, Head of Top Clients and Public Sector
Simone Hughes, Chief Financial Officer
Sinead Smith, Corporate Responsibility Manager
Sipho Maseko, Managing Director
Sisavath INTHAVONG, Deputy Director General
Siva Ganapathi, Chief Operating Officer
Slavko Projkoski, Chief Finance Officer
Slavoljub Popadić, Deputy CEO and Chief Customer Care officer
Slayton Stewart, Chief Executive Officer
Smt. Anita Soni, Chief Financial Officer
Sodikzhon Sohibzhonov, Deputy General Director, Interaction with Government Agencies
Sohail Qadir, Vice President Wholesale
Sompol Chanprasert, Head of Broadband Business
Songtham Phianpattanawit, Managing Director - Enterprise Customer & International Services and Group Chief Operating Officer - IT & CM
Sonia Polius, Country Manager
Sonita Jagan, General Manager
Sophia Chiu, Chairperson
Sophia Lim, Head of Sales, Distribution and Customer Services
Sophia Stransky, Director of Sales and Distribution
Søren Abildgaard, Chief Executive Officer
Souley Yahaya, Director of Information
Souleymane Diallo, Director General
Soumaila Coulibaly, Director of Commerce and Marketing
Spyridon Spyropoulos, Chief Operations Officer
Srdjan Slijepcevic, Capital Project General Manager
Srinath Narasimhan, Managing Director
Srinivasa KV, Chief Operating Officer
Sriram Yarlagadda, Director of Commercial Services
Stacey Sandison, Chief Marketing Officer
Stanley Henning, Chief Operating Officer
Stebbins B. Chandor Jr., Chief Finance Officer
Steen Montgomery-Andersen, Managing Director 
Stefan Backman, General Counsel
Stefan Carlsson, Director and Chief Financial Officer
Stefan Gubi, Chief Sales and Service Officer
Stefano Bargellini, Safety, Security and Facilities Director
Stefano Ciurli, Head of Supply Chain & Real Estate
Stefano Core, Director of Fixed Division
Stefano Gastaut, Consumer Director
Stefano Invernizzi, Chief Finance Officer
Stefano Parisse, Strategy & New Business Director
Stefanos Theocharopoulos, Chief Executive Officer
Stella Appiah-Nkansah, Chief Human Resources Officer
Stephane Beauduin, Chief Marketing Officer
Stephane Blanc, Chief Marketing Officer
Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Chau, Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Howe, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Stephen John Mead, General Counsel
Stephen Lerner, General Counsel & Director of Regulatory Affairs
Stephen Tyler Hubbard, Manager, Information Technology
Steve Collins, Chief Financial Officer
Steve D. Lysne, General Manager
Steve Elfman, President
Steve Hall, Chief Executive Director
Steve HS Wang, Acting Chief Technology Officer
Steve Lewis, Managing Executive: Product House
Steve Machovina, Vice President of Information Technology
Steve Redman, Vice President of Quality Control
Steve Walters, Chief Financial Officer
Steven Cochran, Vice President, Audit & Compliance
Steven Evans, Chief Executive Officer
Steven L. Fleming, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Steven T. Campbell, Executive Vice President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Steven Tourje, President
Stewart Lyons, President and Chief Operating Officer
Stewart Sherriff, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
Stipe Prlić, Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Kell, Chief Commercial Officer
Stuart Lee, Group Managing Director
Stuart McDonald, Chief Information Officer
Stuart Paul, Data Centres Director
Stuart Williamson, Chief Finance Officer
Su Thomas, Commercial Manager
Subbaraman Iyer, Chief Operating Officer
Sudhir Mathur, Chief Financial Officer
Suhail Jain, General Manager, Commercial
Suhaila Al Nowakhda, General Manager HR Bahrain
Sumanta Ray, Chief Technology Officer
Sun Kangmin, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President
Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder, Chairman and Group CEO
Sunil Jit Singh, Chief Financial Officer
Sunil Sood, Chief Operating Officer
Suparmit Tupinprom, Executive Vice President Quality and Business Process - Enterprise Effectiveness
Suphachai Chearavanont, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Surapon Sanguansilp, Head of Network Business
Suren Goonewardene, Chief Executive Officer
Suren J. Amarasekera, Joint Chief Operating Officer
Suresh Narain Singh Sidhu, Chief Corporate & Operations Officer
Suresh Reddy, Chief Commercial Officer
Suresh Yadav, Senior Manager, Corporate Regulatory
Süreyya Ciliv, Chief Executive Officer
Surianhni Hamid, Chief Human Resources Officer
Susan Feirtear, Financial Director
Susan Hennersdorf, Director, Consumer
Susan M. Kinsey, Vice President and Controller
Susan Powers, Vice President of Human Resources
Susan Towne, Billing Supervisor
Susanna Hui, Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer
Susanne Holmström, Business Area Manager, Corporate
Suttisak Khndhikajana, Chief Executive Officer
Suwimol Kaewkoon, Chief Customer Officer
Suzana Banič Drašler, Finance Sector Director
Svein Henning Kirkeng, Leader for Consumer
Sviatoslav Horban, Marketing Director
Syakieb Ahmad Sungkar, Director of Sales
Syed Ahsan Ul Haq, Chief Marketing Officer
Syed M. Awais, Sales Region General Manager
Syed Mazhar Hussain, S.E.V.P (Human Resource)
Sylvain Brosseau, Vice President, Customer Service, Consumer Services
Sylvia Mulinge, General Manager Enterprise Business Unit
Sylvia Neubauer, Director CRM & Online
Sylviane DORE, Human Resources
T. G. B. Ramakrishna, Chief Operating Officer
T.Y. Yin, Chief Financial Officer
Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Officer
Tadashi Onodera, Chairman
Taïeb Farhat, Commercial Director
Taito Tabaleka, Chief Operations Officer
Takashi Tanaka, President
Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari, Vice President Finance
Tamara Valenčič, Public Relations and Human Resources Director
Tamer El Mahdy, Chief Executive Officer
Tamer Morsi, Chief Technology Officer
Tamer Morsy, Chief Technical Officer
Tami Erwin, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Tan Kiat Hwee, Head, Legal & Corporate Governance
Tan Lay Han, Head of Integrated Marketing and Customer Management
Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, Chairman
Tan Tong Hai, Chief Operating Officer
Tanja Richter, Vice President Technology
Tanveer Mohammad, Chief Technical Officer
Tanwadee Wongteerarit, Head of Voice Business
Tanya Bowes, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs
Taras Parkhomenko, Member of the Board, Chief Marketing Officer
Tarek A Robbiati, Group Managing Director
Tarek Beram, Human Resources and Administration Director
Tarig Hamza Rahmat Allah, Finance Executive Manager
Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin, Planning & Network Quality Executive Manager
Tarik Al-Haidary, Chief Executive Officer
Tarikul Hasan, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer
Tariq Gulzar, Chief Financial Officer
Tariq Rashid, Chief Strategy Officer
Tarmo Osman, Devlopment Director
Tashi Tshering, Executive Director
Taslim Ahmed, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations
Tatyana Ryabova, Human Resources Director
Tay Soo Meng, Executive Vice President (Networks)
Tayfun Çataltepe, Chief Corporate Strategy and Regulations Officer
Teerath Shandil, Management Accountant
Tellis Symonette, Senior Vice-President, Commercial & Family Islands
Teófilo de la Torre Arguello, President
Terence Teo Hoon Beng, Director, Customer Service
Terje Borge, Chief Financial Officer
Terrence Edward Valeski, Vice-Chairman of the Board
Terrie Tweddle, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Corporate Affairs
Terry Holder, Deputy General Manager, Public Communications
Terry L Tagarook, President
Tetsuzo Matsumoto, Chief Strategic Advisor to CEO, Director
Thamer Mohammed Al Hosani, Chief Financial Officer
Thami Magazi, Managing Executive: Small Business Sales
Thanasis Katsiroumpas, President of the Management Board
Tharcisse Munkindji, Legal and Regulatory Affairs Director
Tharnee Sricharoen, Senior Executive Vice President - Senior Advisory Committee
Thaweep Petchsuwan, Senior Executive Vice President - Metropolitan Sale and Customer Service
Themba Khumalo, Chief Executive Officer
Theo Hess, Managing Executive: Network Field Services
Theodore H. Torbeck, President and General Manager
Thérèse Tounkara, Director of Marketing
Thibaud Rerolle, Chief Technical Officer
Thibaut de La Barre de Nanteuil, Networks Director
Thierry Bonhomme, Executive Vice President, Networks & Carriers and Research & Development
Thierry Diasonama, Network Director
Thierry Piganeau, Business Director
Thilo Kusch, Chief Finance Officer
Thinley Dorji, General Manager
Thinus Smit, Chief Financial Officer
Thiti Nantapatsiri, Managing Director - Pay TV Business
Thomas Bumjoon Kim, Chief Financial Officer
Thomas C. Keys, President & Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Dannenfeldt, Director of Finance
Thomas Ekman, Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Ellerbeck, Director, Regulatory Affairs
Thomas Freude, Director of Telekom Shops
Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer
Thomas J. Stack, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Thomas Lei, Vice President, Network Services
Thomas P. Catani, Vice President, Sales, East Region
Thomas Reynaud, Chief Finance Officer and Head of Business Development
Thomas Sieber, Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Weber, Head of IT
Thor-Philip Hauge, Leader for Human Resources
Thorsten Albers, Chief Technical Officer
Thorsten Dirks, Chief Executive Officer
Thusanai Piarubute, Senior Executive Vice President - Human Resources
Tiafau Douglas Creevey, Chief Operating Officer
Tibor Vidos, Chief Operating Officer
Tigran Pogosyan, Strategic Projects Director
Tiit Linnupõld, Head of Applications
Tim A. Burckhard, Director of Field Operations
Tim Bristow, Chief Executive Officer
Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Resources Officer
Tim Goodchild, Head, Government and Strategic Affairs
Tim Ringsdore, Managing Director - Global Enterprise
Tim Sefton, Director of New Business Development
Tim Yager, President and Chief Executive Officer
Timo Katajisto, Executive Vice President, Production
Timote Katoanga, Managing Director
Tina Jordan, Director of Finance
Tina Pidgeon, Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs and Senior Counsel
Tina Symmans, Director of Corporate Relations
Tipayarat Kaewsringarm, Chief People Officer
Tobias Jack, Chief Technical Officer
Todd M. Dick, Vice President Corporate
Todd Whitenack, Chief Information Officer
Tolga Kılıç, Regulatory Director
Tom Chignell, Head of Corporate Affairs
Tom Guldberg, Chief Strategy Officer
Tom Gutjahr, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Little, President
Tom Malleschitz, Director of Marketing
Tom Phelps, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Walsh , Chief Executive Officer
Tom Zubko, President and Chief Executive Officer
Tomáš Budník, General Director
Tómas Otto Hansson, Chairman
Tomás Vieira Mário, President
Tommy Olenius, Vice President, Technology
Tong Jilu, Executive Director and Senior Vice President
Tonio Meier, Vice President Customer Care
Tony Dolton, Chief Technical Officer
Tony Hanway, Chief Executive Officer
Tony Morisause, Head of Core Network
Tony Okonkwo, Chief Executive Officer
Too Tian Jen, Chief Technology Officer
Topgyal Dorji, Vice Chairman
Tore Johnsen, Chief Executive Officer
Tormod Stien, Director of Corporate
Toshio Maki, Vice President
Tracey Gavegan, Group Managing Director, Human Resources
Tracie A. Hansen, Executive Secretary
Tracy Lange, Vice President & Regional General Manager
Trevor Deane, Executive Vice President - Strategic Analytics
Tristan Gilbertson, Group General Counsel
Tsutomu Shindou, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Corporate Marketing Division
Tungyshbek Battalhanov, First Deputy General Director 
Tursun-Zade Masud Mirzoevich, Director of Development Department
Tyler Pair, Chief Finance Officer
Tyler Peacock, Sales and Marketing Specialist
U Thein Tun, Union Minister for Communications, Posts and Telegraph
Uche Ofodile, Chief Marketing Officer
Uche Ojo, Chief Commercial Officer
Uday Raktale, Chief Technology Officer
Ueli Dietiker, Chief Finance Officer
Ulrich Coenen, Chief Innovation Officer
Umayr Shafeeu, Director Networks
Upali Gajanaike, Chief Executive Officer
Upanga Dutta, Circle Business Head
Uran Esengeldiev, Deputy Director General for Technical Questions and Development
Uroš Rožič, Chief Executive Officer
Urs Schaeppi, Head of Corporate Business
Usman Javaid, Director of Marketing
V.G. Somasekhar, Managing Director
Vaagn Martirosyan, Senior Vice-President
Vadim Ivanovich, Finance Deputy Director General
Vadim Savchenko, Vice President, Sales and Customer Service
Vafa Ghafarian, Chairman of the Board
Vaios Karantinos, Sales & Customer Service Executive Director
Valdis Vancovičs, President and Chief Executive Officer
Valdo Kalm, President and Chief Executive Officer 
Valdur Laid, Member of the Management Board
Valentine Mihajlovsky, Administrative Director
Valérie Lepilliet, Director of Operations
Valeriy Ermakov, Chief Operations Officer
Valeriy Kovzanas, Technical Director
Valery Shorzhin, Director, Procurement Management
Valorie Tiacoh, Marketing Manager
Vandy Poon, Chief Executive Officer
Vanina Pichevin, Mobile Packet Core Network Manager
Vanna Pornsinsiriruk, Chief Financial Officer
Vasquez Velasquez, Chief Executive Officer
Vassilis Balourdos, Commercial Planning, Consumer Postpaid & CRM Executive Director
Vassilis Tsakiris, Supply Chain & Fascilities Management Executive Director
Vasyl Latsanych, Vice President, Marketing
Vatcharee Tupcharoen, Senior Executive Vice President - Finance
Veaceslav Roman, Chief Technology Officer
Veiko Reimand, Head of Corporate Clients
Veli-Matti Mattila, Chief Executive Officer
Vella Stiles, Product Marketing Executive 
Venugopal Dhoot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Veronica Lai, Head, Legal and Secretariat, Company Secretary
Veysel Aral, Chief Executive Officer
Vichaow Rakphongphairoj, Director, Managing Director and Group Chief Operating Officer - Network & Technology
Vicki Brady, Managing Director of Optus Wholesale and Satellite
Vicky Cookson, Director of Human Resources
Victor Corcoran, Chief Executive Officer
Víctor Hugo Muñoz Álvarez, Chief Information Officer
Victor Iudin, Senior Vice President
Vikrom Sriprataks, Chief Technical Officer
Viktor Strelkov, Executive Director – Director for IT
Vimal Naikeny, Chief Information Officer
Vinay K Razdan, Chief Human Resources Officer
Vincent English, Chief Financial Officer
Vincent Fabre, Chief Financial Officer
Vincent Kouadio, Commercial Director
Vincent Lobry, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy
Vincent Lucas, Chief Sales Officer
Vincent Naullet, Customer Service Director
Vincent Viennet, Director General Guadeloupe
Vincent Wegmann, Sales and Customer Service Director
Vincenzo Novari, Chief Executive Officer
Vinod Kumar Budhiraja, Chief Regulatory Officer
Vinu Verghese, Senior Vice President - Operations, Kerala
Violette Montagnese, Communication Manager
Virginia Tellei , Strategic Planning and Marketing Officer 
Viroj Tocharoenvanith, Head of Wireless Business
Vishnu Prasad Kasaju, Deputy Managing Director
Vishwanath Goel, Deputy Managing Director
Vitaliy Uvarov, Director General
Vitaly Iurcu, Director General
Vivek Badrinath, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Communication Services
Vivek Sood, Chief Financial Officer
Vivien Hsu, Co-President
Vladimir A. Filippov, Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Vladimir Beratović, Corporate Affairs Officer
Vladimir Gođevac, Director of the Technology
Vladimir Lučić, Chief Officer of the Commercial Affairs Division
Vladimir Mironov, Vice President
Vladimir Putintsev, Technical Director
Vladimir V. Rublev, President
Vladislav Kupka, Director of Customer Services
Volodymyr Tkachuk, Administrative Director
Vsevolod Rozanov, President and Chief Executive Officer
Vuk Gojnić, Strategy and Business Development Officer
Wade McGill, Chief Administrative Officer
Wade Oosterman, President and Chief Brand Officer
Wade Smith, Vice President of Products and Innovation
Waduge Lalith Tasman Fernando, Group Financial Controller
Wael Ammar, Chief Commercial Officer
Wael Ayoub, Director of Information Technology
Wafaa Homoudi, Customer Care Director
Wahyudin Saptari Adikusumah, Director of Human Resources and Communications
Waleed Abdullah Essa Al- Tararwa, Chief Human Resources Officer
Waleed Al-Sayed, Chief Operating Officer
Walid Irshaid, President and Chief Executive Officer
Walingo Chiruyi, Chief Commercial Officer
Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer
Walter Vicente, Chief Financial Officer
Wanda Munson, President
Wanda Phillips, Chief Finance Officer
Wandy Borrero, Director of Communications
Wang Jianzhou, Executive Director and Chairman
Wang Xiaochu, Chairman
Wangchuk Dorji, Chairman
Wassim Ghanem, Chief Technical Officer
Wataru Kagawa, Senior Vice President, General Affairs Department
Wayne Caines, Chief Executive Officer
Wayne Gibson, Vice President of Distribution
Wayne Graham, Chief Finance Officer
Wayne S. Demkey, Chief Finance Officer
Wayne Watts, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Wency Noruka, Head of Wholesale
Wendingoudi Carlos Yanogo, Director of Marketing
Werner De Laet, Chief Finance Officer
Wewage Viranga Supun Dep Weerasinghe, Group Chief Operating Officer
Wichian Mektrakarn, Chief Executive Officer
Wilfried Yver, Marketing Officer
Will Irving, Group Managing Director
Willem Swart, Chief Executive Officer
William A. Blase, Jr., Senior Executive Vice President – Human Resources
William B. Petersen, Vice President - General Counsel and Secretary
William C. Behnke, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
William Chang, Chief Corporate Planning Officer
William D. Ingram, Executive Vice President and Acting Chief Financial Officer
William Harris, Executive Director, International Business Development and Assistant to CEO
William Saamoi, Chief Operating Officer
William W. Linton, C.A., Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Wilson Teles Marcolin, IT director for demands and tests
Wim Vanhelleputte, Chief Executive Officer
Winfred Musangeya, Deputy Technical Officer
Winnie MA, General Counsel, Legal and Regulatory
Wissem Badri, Director of Human Resources
Witson Phillip, Kosrae State Manager
Woldegabriel Tewolde, Chief Financial Officer
Wolfgang Kniese, Chief Finance Officer
Wolfgang Wemhoff, Chief Technical Officer
Wouter Knoester, VP ICT Operations
Wu Andi, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Wystan Robertson, Director, Management Information
Xavier Bado, Technical Director
Xavier Niel, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors & Chief Strategy Officer
Xavier Victor, Head of Commercial
Xin Fanfei, Executive Director and Vice President, Administration
Xue Taohai, Executive Director, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Yaacov Heen, Chief Financial Officer
Yacov Kedmi, Head of Marketing, Content and Growth Engines Division
Yanal Abzack, Chief Executive Officer
Yang Jie, President, Member,Party Leadership Group
Yang Xiaowei, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President
Yann Kerebel, Chief Executive Officer
Yann Paquet, Vice President, Multiplatform Content
Yap Chee Sun, Head of Network
Yaqoub Y. Khajah, Chief Technical Officer
Yaser Al Sghair, Director of Information Technology
Yasir Azman, Circle Business Head
Yasir Suleiman A. Eldirdiri, Regional Operations Director
Yassen Guev, Corporate Affairs Director
Yasser Aboul Amayem, Chief Commercial Officer
Yasser Shaker, Vice President, Technology
Yasuyuki Imai, Senior Vice President
Yatinder Mahajan, Chief Technology Officer
Yatinder Vir Singh, Director
Yiannis Gavrielides, On-Line Marketing Communication & Consumer Prepaid Executive Director
Yiannis Souroullas, Senior Manager - Marketing
Yigit Berktash, Chief Technology Officer
Yogesh Malik, Chief Operating Officer
Yonhak Kim, Chief Operating Officer
Yoni Sabag, Vice President of Marketing
Yoshiharu Shimatani, Senior Vice President - General Manager, Technology Sector
Yoshihiko Tomioka, Vice President
Yoshimitsu Goto, Director
Yoshishige Hasegawa, Chief Strategy Officer
Yoshiyuki Takeda, Executive Vice President, Deputy Managing Director of R&D Center
Younes Abu Samra, General Manager (Gaza region)
Young Il Kim, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Center
Youngyuth Wattanasin, Executive Vice President Engineering - Core Network
Youssef Tahiri, Director of Human Resources
Youssef Tannous, Director - Sales and Marketing
Yseult O’Driscoll, Head of Investor Relations
Yudhishter Parmar, Vice President of Treasury
Yuen Kuan Moon, Executive Vice President (Consumer)
Yukhimovich Vyacheslav, General Director
Yuldashev Kahramon Anvarjonovich, First Deputy General Director
Yuval Keinan, Chief Technology Officer, Bezeq
Yuzo Ishikawa, Senior Vice President - Consumer Business, Solution Business,Global Business and Product Sector
Yvan Ridard, Chief Financial Officer
Yves Armand, Deputy Director
Yves Caseau, Deputy Director General Services and Innovation
Yves Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer
Yves Legrand, Director Strategy, Research and Intelligence
Yvonne Li, President
Z. Roland Croes, Director
Zac Summers, Head of Strategy
Zacharias Piperidis, Chief Commerical Officer
Zaher Surgul, Senior Manager Security
Zahida Awan Legal Affairs, Ghulam Mustafa
Zainelabdin Abdelazeem, Corporate Affairs Executive Manager
Zaiton Hj Idrus, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Zakaria Abu Kafia, Customer Care Director
Zakiul Islam, Regulatory and Legal Affairs Director
Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Marketing Officer
Zarko Lukovski, Chief Executive Officer
Žarko Pušić, Chairman
Zarrar Khan, Chief Technology Officer
Zeinal Bava, Chief Executive Officer
Zenobia Jeridine Maddy, Head of SCM
Zhang Chenshuang, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President
Zhang Jiping, Member, Party Leadership Group, Vice President
Zhanna Parkhomenko, Corporate Relations Director
Ziad Sabah, Chief Marketing Officer
Ziad Shaltuni, Senior Vice President - Consumer Sales
Ziv Leitman, Chief Financial Officer
Živilė Valeišienė, Personnel Manager
Ziyad Thamer Al-Otaibi, Group CEO for Technical Operations
Zoltan Nemeth, Chief Human Resources Officer
Zoran Bakula, Mobile Director
Zoran Janko, Member of the Management Board, Finance, Purchasing and Legal
Zoran Janko, Vice President, Management Board
Zuzana Nemečková, Director of Commercial Department
Zygmunt Solorz-Żak, President of the Board