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Management Contacts

Named senior managers are listed within The MVNO Directory.

These people are selected from the MVNOs' senior management teams and feature job titles such as:

> President

> CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

> CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

> CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

> CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

> CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

> Executive Vice Presidents

> Senior Vice Presidents

... plus other senior positions

It is not feasible to provide direct e-mail or telephone numbers for these people so you will not find these within the directory; to get such information would require the individuals to volunteer their correct contact information for 3rd party marketing, which is something a senior executive will not do.

We avoid listing the same person twice, even though they may manage multiple MVNOs across different countries. The majority of profiles with no named contact are very niche operations targeting fewer than 10,000 subscribers or are managed by teams at another country.