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The Africa & Middle East Telecoms Directory - MNO, MVNO, Fixed & WiMAX

Published January 2011

- 335 telecom company profiles based upon 426 operations
- 1117 management contacts
- 72 countries / states
- 4 operator directories in 1

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Africa & Middle East Telecoms Operators 2011 - MNO, WiMAX, MVNO & Fixed Directory, is a merging of 4 technology specific directories into 1 regional directory offering. This directory covers 72 states across Africa and the Middle East presenting profiles of regional mobile networks, WiMAX networks, mobile virtual networks and resellers as well as fixed line operations.

Research for this directory comes from the 4 directories from Blycroft’s directory series. The newest edition being The MNO Directory, published January 2011. Data from the MNO Directory has been merged with the 3 other directories. The result is a directory of 335 companies providing telecoms service to the AME region.



Algeria - Angola - Bénin - Botswana - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Central African Republic - Chad - Comores - Congo Brazzaville - Côte d'Ivoire - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Djibouti - Egypt - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Gabon

Gambia - Ghana - Guinea-Bissau - Guinea-Conakry - Kenya - Lesotho - Liberia - Libya - Madagascar - Malawi - Mali - Mauritania - Mauritius - Mayotte - Morocco - Mozambique - Namibia - Niger - Nigeria - Réunion - Rwanda - São Tomé and Príncipe - Senegal - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - Somalia - South Africa - Sudan - Sudan (Southern) - Swaziland - Tanzania - Togo - Tunisia - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe

Middle East

Afghanistan - Bahrain - Cyprus - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Palestine - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey - United Arab Emirates - Yemen

Directory Series

The MNO Directory - This directory tracks mobile network operators. It was published January 2011 and within the AME region tracks 227 active operations.

The WiMAX Directory - This directory tracks WiMAX network operators. It was published September 2010 and within the AME region tracks 106 active operations.

The MVNO Directory - This directory tracks mobile virtual network operators and resellers. It was published April 2010 and within the AME region tracks 11 active operations.

The Fixed Directory - This directory primarily tracks operators of domestic fixed line telecoms services, with a focus on voice services. It was published January 2010 and within the AME region tracks 82 active operations.

(Figures are based upon the data at the date of publication)

Research Process

Research for the Blycroft directory series is lead by Mark Thomas, who has held this role for 4 years. The first directory produces was The MVNO Directory in 2006, which was followed by the MNO Directory in 2007. In 2010 the Fixed Directory and WiMAX Directory were both released for the 1st time.

Each directory starts as a list of operations to research. This list is generated by consulting regulators, trade bodies and trade media. Operations are then verified by researching each operator individually. Where directories are updated annually the researchers review large quantities of daily telecoms news resources since the previous edition to help update the list of operators.

As part of the major research section the research team reviews each operator to help ensure that the profile data remains valid. This review is performed by interrogating the brand and company websites of the operators, parent companies and regulators. Financial reports, press releases, company statements and various official documentation are used in combination with trade press and social networking applications to capture information to be in the directory profiles. Direct consultation occurs with operators to clarify conflicting information.

Blycroft also utilises its in house research service, Africa & Middle East Telecom Week, to add extra value to the AME Directory. The weekly research service provides news and statistics about the telecoms sector within AME, as well as quarterly mobile subscriber stats. Within the AME Directory you will find Q3 2010 mobile subscriber data, as taken from Africa & Middle East Telecom Week.

Management Contacts

The AME Directory contains over 1,100 named management contacts. These people are selected from the senior management teams and feature job titles such as President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Executive and Senior Vice Presidents plus other senior positions. It is not feasible to provide direct email or telephone numbers for these people so you will not find these within the directory; to get such information would require the individuals to volunteer their correct contact information for 3rd party marketing, which is something a senior executive will not do. (Be wary of any directory claiming to have this data as direct lines change too often to track and a large proportion of senior managers do not use standard format e-mail addresses, making these impossible to guess.)

281 profiles contain at least 1 named management contact. Contacts from newer directories replace older contacts, so where a profile represents both an MNO and a fixed network you will find the MNO research listed.


Operator profiles for this directory are a merging of 4 technology profiles into 1 company profile. Where a company operates more than 1 type of network the researchers have merged this information to form 1 profile (instead of multiple entries for a single company). This means that 426 operations as identified by the directory are conveniently presented as 335 company profiles. Some duplicated entries have been kept due to significant differences in how operations are managed or owned. For instance, a state may have retained sole ownership of their fixed line network and have sold off a significant share of their mobile network.

Please note that data has been used from the 4 directories and represents the company at the time of the individual directory publications. Information from newer directories supersedes that of the earlier directories.

Profiles consist of:

    • Brand name(s)
    • Company name
    • Services offered (MNO, WiMAX, MVNO, Fixed)
    • URL
    • Address
    • Tel / Fax (main switchboards)
    • Owner
    • Management contacts
    • Network information
    • Mobile subscriber statistics (MNOs)                                

All data, including subscriber data is provided on a where possible basis and is provided to assist in building a profile of each operations.




Airtel Telecom Group

(Cameroon - Africa)

Trades as: Airtel Telecom Group


Service(s): WiMAX

Owner(s): Groupe Airtel Telecom

Airtel Telecom Group

8600 Decarie Boulevard, Suite 214

Ville Mont-Royal


H4P 2N2


T:          +1-514-341-5777

F:          +1-514-341-5999



Jamal Boukouray - Chief Executive Officer

Additional information

WiMAX - 802.16d - SR Telecom (October 2008) - Launched December 2008 (first rollout) (Nationwide)


Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL)

(Cameroon - Africa)

Trades as: Camtel


Service(s): Fixed | MNO

Owner(s): State owned - MINPOSTEL (Ministère des Postes et Télécomunications)


Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL)

PO Box 1571



T:          +237-222-18-30

T2:        +237-222-340-65



Nkuipou Norbert - Minister in Charge of Information Technology

Additional information

Fixed line launched - 1998 (Current - Voice, Internet)

3G (CDMA technology) active

Mobile subscribers


Q308 - 50000

Q408 - 55000


AccessKenya Group Ltd

(Kenya - Africa)

Trades as: AccessKenya


Service(s): WiMAX

AccessKenya Group Ltd

4th Floor, Museum Hill Centre, Museum Hill Road

PO Box 43588 - 00100 Nairobi


T:          +254-20-360-00-00

T2:        +254-20-374-95-99

F:          +254-20-374-21-07



Michael Somen - Chairman of the Board

Jonathan Somen - Co-Founder and Managing Director

David Somen - Co-Founder and Director

Kris Senanu - Managing Director – Communication Solutions

Petra Somen - Portal Manager

Peter Ndirangu - Chief Financial Officer

Christine Wanjeri Muchiri - Assistant Chief Financial Officer

Raymond Macharia - Chief Technical Officer

Catherine Kiplagat - Group Customer Service Manager

Jane Gituanja - Financial Controller

Ann Njaimwe - Group Sales Manager

Latiffa Cherono-Murage - Group Human Resources Manager

Additional information

WiMAX - 802.16e (3.3GHz) - Alvarion (July 2008) (Nairobi and Mombasa)


Airtel Kenya

(Kenya - Africa)

Trades as: Airtel


Service(s): MNO

Owner(s): Bharti Airtel Limited


Airtel Kenya

c/o Bharti airtel Limited

Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road

Vasant Kunj, Phase II

New Delhi – 110 070


T:          +91-11-46666100



Rene Meza - Managing Director

Henry Njoroge - Marketing Director

Pius Kasajja Wakabi - Human Resources and Administration Director

Hari Krishnan Narayan - Finance Director

Luis Fedriani - IT Director

Lucille Aveva - Customer Service Director

Alec Mulonga - Network Director

Additional information

GSM 900 launched August 2000

GPRS active

EDGE contract awarded to Ericsson as of June 2007

UMTS licenced October 2009

Mobile subscribers


Q108 - 1757416

Q208 - 1909000

Q308 - 2558000

Q408 - 3079000

Q109 - 2678000

Q209 - 2418000

Q309 - 2191000

Q409 - 2092000

Q110 - 2068773

Q210 - 2351707

Q310 - 2730000


Essar Telecom Kenya Limited

(Kenya - Africa)

Trades as: Yu


Service(s): MNO

Owner(s): Essar Group (80%)


Essar Telecom Kenya Limited

PO Box 45742

00100 Nairobi


T:          +254-20-750-100-100



Atul Chaturvedi - Country Manager

Additional information

GSM launched November 2008

Mobile subscribers


Q408 - 60000

Q109 - 270000

Q209 - 400000

Q309 - 600000

Q409 - 866667

Q110 - 1341667

Q210 - 1490000

Q310 - 1600000


Jordan Telecom Group

(Jordan - Middle East)

Trades as: Orange


Service(s): Fixed | MNO

Owner(s): Orange (France Telecom, 51%)

URL(s): (

Jordan Telecom Group

PO Box 851114

Amman 11185


T:          +962-6-461-83-01

T2:        +962-6-585-7777

F:          +962-6-585-7000



Shabib Ammari - Chairman

Nayla Khawam - Chief Executive Officer

Additional information

   Fixed line (Current - Voice, Internet)

GSM 900 launched September 2000

GPRS launched May 2002

EDGE launched July 2004

W-CDMA licenced August 2009, launched March 2010

Mobile subscribers

   Q108 - 1533000

Q208 - 1543000

Q308 - 1544000

Q408 - 1608000

Q109 - 1566000

Q209 - 1613000

Q309 - 1793000

Q409 - 1939000

Q110 - 2018000

Q210 - 2094000

Q310 - 2170000

Mada Communications

(Jordan - Middle East)

Trades as: Mada


Service(s): WiMAX

Owner(s): Mada Communications

Mada Communications

Um Uthaina, Diva Center

Shat Al Arab Street, Building #16, Second Floor



T:          +962-6-400-0200

F:          +962-6-553-2939


 Additional information

 WiMAX - 802.16e (3.5GHz) - Motorola