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The Americas Telecoms Directory - MNO, MVNO, Fixed & WiMAX

Published January 2011

- 381 telecom company profiles based upon 455 operations
- 1246 management contacts
- 53 countries
- 4 operator directories in 1

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The Americas Telecoms Operators 2011 - MNO, WiMAX, MVNO & Fixed Directory, is a merging of 4 technology specific directories into 1 regional directory offering. This directory covers 53 countries across North and South America presenting profiles of regional mobile networks, WiMAX networks, mobile virtual networks and resellers as well as fixed line operations. 
Research for this directory comes from the 4 directories from Blycroft’s directory series. The newest edition being The MNO Directory, published January 2011. Data from the MNO Directory has been merged with the 3 other directories. The result is a directory of 381 companies providing telecoms service to the Americas region. 

Buyers of the Excel option will also receive the 4 technology specific regional directories within the Excel data file (the file contains merged and de-duplicated profiles in 1 sheet plus the 4 directories prior to merging within 4 separate sheets).
Directory Series

The MNO Directory - This directory tracks mobile network operators. It was published January 2011 and within the Americas region tracks 223 active operations.

The WiMAX Directory - This directory tracks WiMAX network operators. It was published September 2010 and within the Americas region tracks 106 active operations.

The MVNO Directory - This directory tracks mobile virtual network operators and resellers. It was published April 2010 and within the Americas region tracks 56 active operations.

The Fixed Directory - This directory primarily tracks operators of domestic fixed line telecoms services, with a focus on voice services. It was published January 2010 and within the Americas region tracks 98 active operations.

(Figures are based upon the data at the date of publication)