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The Americas Directory contains over 1,240 named management contacts. These people are selected from the senior management teams and feature job titles such as President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Executive and Senior Vice Presidents plus other senior positions. It is not feasible to provide direct email or telephone numbers for these people so you will not find these within the directory; to get such information would require the individuals to volunteer their correct contact information for 3rd party marketing, which is something a senior executive will not do. (Be wary of any directory claiming to have this data as direct lines change too often to track and a large proportion of senior managers do not use standard format e-mail addresses, making these impossible to guess.)

291 profiles contain at least 1 named management contact. Contacts from newer directories replace older contacts, so where a profile represents both an MNO and a fixed network you will find the MNO research listed.