beeweeb SpA

beeweeb is a software design company focused on convergent and mobile solutions.

Belgacom International Carrier Svcs

Belgacom International Carrier Services is a global carrier of voice, data and value added services to wireless, wireline and service providers.

Bercut Ltd

Bercut is a provider of IT products for telecommunication infrastructures of mobile and PSTN operators.


BeTomorrow is an independent company that designs and develops online services for new media such as Internet, Mobile, TV.  BeTomorrow uses the Scrum Agile development method and focuses on network technologies, developing three areas of expertise: applications connecting communities to give internet/mobile convergence, broadcasting live sports events in 2D and 3D, multiplayer games.

Birdstep Technology ASA

Birdstep Technology is a global provider of secure and seamless wireless connectivity software for operators, enterprises and mobile device manufacturers.

EasyConnect is an advanced connection and service manager for an intuitive mobile broadband experience. SafeMove is an advanced mobile VPN solution providing seamless and secure connectivity to business data.

Birdstep Technology was founded in 1996 since 2002 has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with competence centres in Sweden, Finland and the United States.

Blip Systems A/S

BLIP (Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point) Systems is a privately held wireless technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. They were established with a vision of using the new connectivity possibilities in mobiles, such as Bluetooth, to deliver proximity services and focuses on developing and selling the mobile marketing product BlipZones, as well as the people tracking product, BlipAnalyzer.

The development of what is now known as BlipZones began in 1998 at Ericsson, and the product was transferred to BLIP Systems. BlipAnalyzer is the latest product invention at first targeted queue measurements in Airports, but now expanded to cover flow analysis and other analysis applicable also in shopping malls, retail, public transportation and more.

Blue Wonder Communications GmbH

Blue Wonder Communications is an independent design house and licensor of LTE-IP and system solutions. Serving the semi-­conductors and telecomunications industries, Blue Wonder Communications strives to become the leading provider for embedded modem technology and system solutions supporting the next generation mobile standard LTE (Long Term Evolution). Blue Wonder Communications was founded in December 2008 and is located in Dresden, Germany.

Bluefish Technologies Europe A/S

Launched in 2000, Bluefish Technologies are a SIM card and solution supplier to the wireless telecommunications industry.

Bluefish provide everything from core engineering and specific application development, to the provision of customised fulfillment and packaging solutions, card management products, prepaid vouchers, and continuous technical support.

Bluegiga Technologies Oy

Bluegiga Technologies Inc. provides Bluetooth-based wireless module and access device solutions to OEMs,  integrators and teleoperators. The secure, cost-effective and easy to integrate devices are used by industry leaders in the areas of health and medical,  automotive, audio, industrial, and consumer applications.

Bluegiga was founded in 2000 with head office in Finland and sales offices in United States and Hong Kong. Through it’s distribution network Bluegiga has presence in more than 65 countries worldwide.


BluePostion is a Danish software company that was founded in 2002 following a management 'buy-out'/ 'spin-off' from one of Ericsson Denmark's development departments.

BluePosition possesses core competences within telephony, mobile telephony and call center technologies.  Developing and marketing their own products in close co-operation with mobile operators, BluePosition is also an OEM supplier to other manufacturers and mobile operators, and delivers customised solutions and expert services to a number of Danish companies.

Boost Communications

Boost has built mobile portals for operators, and have a set of ready-to-go services that mobile operators can offer to their end users.

Business Logic Systems Ltd

Founded in 1996, Business Logic Systems allow mobile operators to create a two-way automated dialogue with their customers in near real-time via SMS; third-party systems are automatically updated without manual intervention so that offers can be applied instantly to customer accounts.