Dantelo’s mission is to help telecom network operators and service providers generate higher revenues at reduced cost in deploying more services in their network faster, easier and more cost-effectively.

Dantelo offers a netcentric and hosted Unified Communications platform closing the gap between enterprise demands and carrier offerings. This Unified Communications platform is based on standardised technologies from IT and telecom industry leaders such as Oracle and SUN and provides future-proof enterprise-to-telecom bridging services faster, more efficiently and without vendor lock-in.


deCarta MapSearch is a fully integrated mapping, local search and location management platform that can be readily integrated into a mobile internet services platform. It is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices and can be integrated directly with the operating system and individually branded for the specific platform.

Derdack GmbH

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Derdack is an independent software vendor offering mobile messaging platforms and notification software. Derdack’s products aim to provide clients with service innovation and business continuity.


DGT is a provider of telecommunication and IT solutions. The company develops and integrates the technologies of fast data, video and voice transmission, Internet access, and broadband multimedia services access using traditional media and convergent networks.

DGT was formed in 1991. The company represents Polish capital (100%), employs Polish engineers, and incorporates unique solutions and has been granted certificates: ISO 9001 - the Quality Management System certificate and AQAP 2110.

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor creates energy-efficient, highly integrated, mixed-signal integrated circuits. These are optimised for personal mobile and automotive applications. With its focus in system power management, Dialog brings decades of experience to the rapid development of integrated circuits for power and motor control, and audio and display processing.

Dialog’s processor companion chips help to enhance both the performance of hand-held products and the consumers’ multimedia experience. Automotive applications include intelligent motor control for comfort and safety systems.

Dicas GmbH

Dicas, founded in 1999, is an MPEG-focused video coding specialist and a developer of ISO MPEG-4 real-time video coding products and solutions based in Berlin, Germany.

Dicas products and solutions have been utilised in next generation media services and products being deployed worldwide in many Broadcast, IPTV, Mobile TV, Internet Streaming, Multimedia and Security applications. Under the brand name mpegable, they offer a family of MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (SD and HD) and 3GPP compliant professional software tools and components for a number of operating systems and DSPs/ICs.

Digital Reach Group

Digital Reach Group  is an Irish-owned company within the mobile Internet economy. Adforce is the first of a range of services that DRG will offer in this sector. DRG partner with advertisers who want to reach the widest demographic of mobile phone users and work with website publishers who want to generate revenue from their content through advertising.

Digital Route AB

DigitalRoute is a Swedish independent software vendor delivering mediation solutions to service providers and vendors in the global telecommunications and data communications industry.

DigitalRoute’s core offering – MediationZone® –is aimed at service providers and product vendors alike who are looking to consolidate their mediation requirements on a commercial off-the-shelf convergent mediation platform.

Digitalk Ltd

Digitalk provides fixed, mobile and Internet service providers of all types with a service platform and standards-based tools that allow them to exploit Next Generation Network technologies across the mobile, fixed and broadband worlds .

The Digitalk Multiservice Platform (MSP) hosts a range of service-ready business, residential and mobile applications. Their MSPs are designed with an open system architecture using hardware from leading-edge technology, allowing customers to select the most appropriate mix of cost and power for their particular applications.

Dorkel Solutions Ltd

Dorkel Solutions Ltd is global provider of roaming solutions to the telecommunications industry. Their products are used by Switched and Switchless Service Providers throughout Western and Eastern Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.