E-Blink designs and develops alternative solutions for the deployment of mobile network base stations. The company’s core product line, EB1, is a system that eliminates the need for coaxial cables or short range fiber optics on base stations. The EB1 system provides greater deployment flexibility and cost savings, but also a better integration of equipment into base station surroundings. The patented technology has been designed to provide mobile operators with the optimum solution for all types of BTS sites.  Currently available for 2G and 3G operating frequencies, the EB1 system is ideal for upgrading existing sites as well as for new installations.

E-Blink was created in 2005 and is headquartered just outside of Paris, France.  The company’s founders have over 15 years of experience in the deployment of international mobile telephone networks.

Electro Power Systems

Electro Power Systems, founded in 2005 and based in Italy, is an established player in the sector of fuel cell systems for mission-critical backup power applications.

ElectroPS has a field-proven product family of fuel cell systems for backup applications covering the range from 1.5 to 12 kW.


EB specialize in embedded software and hardware solutions for the automotive industry and wireless technologies. Their technical core competences are in automotive-grade software, wireless technologies, solutions and system and software architecture.

Their Business Segment offers an extensive range of standard software products and professional tools that support the whole process of in-car software development.  EB’ products and sevices include wireless device development and infrastructure solutions, device/platform development, reference designs and technology demos and products, mobile WiMAX basestation framework and RF variants, R&D services and test tools for measuring, modeling and emulating the radio channel environments.

Elsag Datamat SpA

Elsag Datamat designs, produces and supplies advanced technology IT systems and solutions for applications in security, automation, transport, defence and space.

Elsag Datamat forms part of the "Defence Electronics" division of Finmeccanica, an industrial group at global level.

Eltek Valere (Norway) AS

Telecom Applications is the major market segment for Eltek Valere.  They develop and market energy systems, based on leading proprietary and standard technology. A strong range of high power-density, flexible and cost-efficient rectifiers/converters form the core of the company’s offering for the telecom sector.

Enough Software

Enough Software was founded at the end of 2004 with the vision to ease the development of mobile solutions. The core product is J2ME Polish, a development solution that overcomes the device fragmentation barrier and that provides design, customisation and rapid development features to all mobile Java developers.

Envivio France

Envivio began in 2000 as an inventor of video encoding technology. Along the way Envivio has amassed dozens of patents, pioneered video-over-IP methods, and supports emerging technology, from the first H.264 encoder and the first encoder to simultaneously support multiple devices and networks, to the first solution for protecting and delivering premium TV services to the iPhone.

Using their encoding technology as a foundation, Envivio provides complete solutions that take advantage of modern networks to deliver live and on demand video services to consumers. Telecom operators, cable and satellite companies and mobile service providers in markets around the world rely on Envivio to provide their subscribers with channel variety and on-demand viewing options.


Founded in 1986 by telecommunication experts, ERCOM is a telecom solution provider with more than 20 patents.

ERCOM employs +45 engineers and operates in two business lines; test & measurement and secure communications.

European Communicatons Engineering (ECE) Ltd

European Communications Engineering (ECE) Ltd was founded in Finland in 1998. Today the company operates in the field of cellular planning and optimisation. ECE is focused on the main mobile technologies: GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX and TETRA and offer  service and software products along with global solutions.


Eutelsat has 850 enterprise networks and corporate services deployed internationally, capable of data broadcasting and interconnecting information systems. They work closely with telcos and service providers worldwide deploying networks for their customers using Eutelsat satellite capacity. Principal applications include securing major corporate networks, interconnecting remote sites, monitoring oil and gas infrastructures, and data exchange for financial, media and retail sectors.


Founded in 2000, Evistel is a French privately-owned company providing solutions for mobile and fixed telecom networks. Evistel offers state of the art solutions in Value Added Services management and sevices charging.

Evolving Systems Ltd

Evolving Systems provides software and services to fixed-line, wireless and IP service providers. Founded in 1985, the company has its headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, and other offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, India and Malaysia.

Evolving Systems portfolio includes activation, dynamic allocation, number portability, number management and mediation products that have been deployed by more than 65 network operators in over 40 countries. Mission-critical software supports more than 150 million wireless subscribers and 150 million access lines worldwide, enabling communications companies to manage their existing networks and migrate to next-generation networks.

Exir Telecom

Exir Broadcasting & Telecom AB is a global technology company servicing the coaxial and RF industry in both the telecom and broadcasting sectors supplying products for 3G telecom networks, DAB (digital audio broadcasting) and DVB (digital video broadcasting) throughout the world. The company´s aim is to develop and manufacture innovative, dependable and long-lasting products. 

Fully owned by the Exir Group, Exir Broadcasting & Telecom co-operates with major international operators, system suppliers and cable manufacturers who have used their products since the telecom boom in the early 90´s.