Nanradio AB

Nanoradio AB, with headquarter in Kista, Sweden is a semiconductor supplier that has developed a WLAN chipset, making high-speed wireless access available in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras and mediaplayers. Key features includes ultra low power consumption, small size as well as support for audio applications.

Napatech AS

Napatech develops and markets an advanced programmable network adapters for network traffic analysis and application off-loading and are an OEM supplier of Ethernet network acceleration adapter hardware with an installed base of more than 40,000 ports.

Offering the technology that delivers hardware acceleration and server off-load increases the OEMs' ability to maintain their competitive advantage via programmable adapter solutions that are flexible and scalable. Use of FPGA technology and easy-to-use software driver interfaces enables fast integration and an excellent migration path for next-generation Ethernet connections speeds.

Nash Technologies GmbH

Nash Technologies, based in Nuremberg and Stuttgart Germany, is a high-tech company in the communication technology sector. Their services encompass the development, optimization, support and testing of wireline such as ISDN, IMS or IP based systems and wireless communication systems such as GSM, UMTS and LTE. They also provide software development and testing, ranging from .net web applications, through mobile phone applications, to embedded software solutions, such as stack development for femtocells.

Neomobile SpA

Neomobile is a mobile media company specialising in mobile entertainment and mobile marketing services. They design, develop, market and distribute digital content and interactive services for mobile users in partnership with mobile network operators and media companies around the world. Active since 2004, Neomobile is in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) segment, as well as the B2B segment in designing, developing and managing content and technology solutions and services for mobile network operators and media companies.

Headquartered in Rome and operating throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, Neomobile employs 180 people and is an active member of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Nera Networks AS

Nera Networks is a player in the fields of wireless telecommunications and microwave technology. Established in Norway more than fifty years ago, Nera is today a global company with international sales accounting for around 90% of its revenue.

Nera develops and markets a broad portfolio of high capacity radio products, and has extensive turnkey solutions, meeting the complete transmission needs of customers.

Net Check GmbH

Established in the late 1990s, Netcheck provides a wide spectrum of quality improvement services ranging from creating and executing measurement tests to comprehensive analysis and optimisation. Using independent project teams they work closely with customers to find professional and cost-efficient solutions for outsourcing projects in the access network field.

As an ISO-certified and independent service provider with long-standing customer relationships, Net Check delivers an objective evaluation of mobile communication networks. Consulting services in strategic planning and optimising mobile communication networks round off Net Check’s service portfolio.

Newtec Cy

Newtec Cy was founded in 1985 by two engineers with a vision: Dirk Breynaert and Jean-Marie Maes. Their vision has produced a satcom pioneering company with over 280 employees in 5 continents.

Newtec's goals are to provide leading edge products, to promote personal employee growth, proactive professionalism and respect, as well as to maintain financial profitability. They focus on developing products and solutions to customers that will help them realise their business objectives.he Professional Equipment business line offers off -the-shelf equipment for broadcasters, network operators and service providers.

Newtec’s Broadband Systems offer high-speed 2-way satellite connectivity to large numbers of remote sites which consist of a scalable hub infrastructure for the network operator and cost-effective, fully integrated terminals for the users. Additionally, Tellitec, Newtec’s family of Professional Telecom Software is designed to optimize data communication via satellite, cable and wireless networks.

Nexus Telecom AG

Founded in 1994, Nexus Telecom is a privately-held company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and regional offices in Canada, Chile, South Africa and Pakistan. With over 200 employees, Nexus Telecom is a major OSS/BSS vendor delivering sophisticated telecom management solutions to 2G, 3G, NGN and VoIP service providers and network operators worldwide.

Nexus Telecom offers a wide range of such investigation tools used to effectively study problem cases, to collect and process transaction 'evidence' data, to correlate and combine events, to translate and decrypt transaction details and ultimately, to solve the case and fully restore the respective service quality.


At the beginning of the 1980s, Nokia strengthened its position in the telecommunications and consumer electronics markets through the acquisitions of Mobira, Salora, Televa and Luxor of Sweden. In 1987, Nokia acquired the consumer electronics operations and part of the component business of the German Standard Elektrik Lorenz, as well as the French consumer electronics company Oceanic. In 1987, Nokia also purchased the Swiss cable machinery company Maillefer.

In the late 1980s, Nokia became the largest Scandinavian information technology company through the acquisition of Ericsson's data systems division. In 1989, Nokia conducted a significant expansion of its cable industry into Continental Europe by acquiring the Dutch cable company NKF.

Since the beginning of the 1990's, Nokia has concentrated on its core business, telecommunications, by divesting its information technology and basic industry operations.

Nujira ltd

In the cellular and digital broadcast infrastructure markets, Nujira’s High Accuracy Tracking (HAT™) Power Modulators for 3G, evolved 3G, DVB and WiMAX broadband RF power amplifiers enable equipment vendors to design flexible, power-efficient, smaller, cheaper base stations and transmitters to meet the increasingly demanding needs of operators and broadcasters worldwide.

For cellular handsets, Nujira is working in partnership with established RF subsystem vendors to enable the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band handsets with extended battery life.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power, Digital Processing and manufacturing expertise. These products are used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, consumer, lighting, medical, computing and identification applications.

Headquartered in Europe, the company has about 29,000 employees working in more than 30 countries.