Olive Communications

Olive Telecommunications is a designer and supplier of wireless devices; 2G/3G handsets and smartphones, connected mobile computing devices and advanced data modems.

Olive invests in pioneering research and human industrial design with innovation labs in India, China and USA and has a marketing reach in over 24 countries. They are focused on deeply customised projects for telecom operators and launching its brand to the open market in selected geographies.

Omiino Ltd

Founded in mid-2007, Omiino develop and deliver ultra compact, ‘Virtual ASSP’s that redefine the price, performance, support and availability of conventional ASSPs, while retaining the time-to-market and programmability advantages of the FPGA.

Openmind Networks

Openmind Networks work with existing and new customers to understand the issues they are facing and aim to provide a fresh and innovative approach by providing higher capacity messaging networks and richer, more personalized, services.

The company’s core product, Traffic Control, gives operators an alternative to traditional SMSCs, whilst also offering a clear migration path to IM and SIP-based messaging.


Opensugar provides a server platform and a set of server-side tools that simplify the design, management and animation of mobile multimedia services (image, video, music and game download portals, mobile chat, social networking services, etc). They can handle mobile Internet projects from the design phase, through development, up to launch and 24x7 operation.

Opensugar is also an operator-accredited "facilitator" in France and Belgium, where on-deck operation requires the use of operator-approved software platforms. In these and other European countries, Opensugar can assist clients’ international mobile Internet strategies.

OpTel Informatik GmbH

OpTel Informatik solutions analyse subscriber revenues from different point of views, check correctness and identify revenue loss or risks. OpTel monitor more than 70 million subscribers with their installation base in several European mobile or fixed networks.  Their systems are available "around the hour"; processing daily more than 1 Billion CDRs and has Real-time Functionality.

Opticom GmbH

Opticom GmbH is a vendor for voice, audio and video quality measurement products and OEM technology for mobile and IP based network testing. With PSQM, PESQ, PEAQ, P.563 and PEVQ Opticom have pioneered five international standards for voice, audio and video quality measurement. Recognized as an industry reference their OPERA product series ranges from software to fixed and portable test tools for PESQ/PSQM MOS testing. The new ‘all-in-one’ test suite PEXQ provides the most comprehensive standards-based MOS-KPI set by adding PEVQ for video quality and PEDQ for data quality testing.


Optimi provides advanced design, management and optimisation solutions for new wireless technologies.

They offer network simulation, prediction, optimization and service monitoring solutions for wireless carriers, network equipment manufacturers and engineering consulting firms.

Option NV

A pioneer in wireless data communications since 1986, Option is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. Option is a global player in wireless technology, focused on the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions that provide businesses and consumers with high-quality wireless broadband access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime.

Some of the world’s leading mobile telecom operators utilise Option Data cards, USB modems and wireless Routers and the world’s top manufacturers of PCs and consumer electronics incorporate Option’s high-performance Embedded wireless modules into their laptops, mobile internet devices and other consumer electronics. Option’s range of user-friendly connectivity software has been specifically developed for the mobile environment.

Orga-Systems GmbH

Orga Systems provides mission critical, convergent real-time billing. Their products enable international telecommunications companies to rate, charge and bill any service for prepaid, postpaid and hybrid subscribers.

Orga Systems' Convergence Program™ includes a complete portfolio of pre-integrated products by Orga Systems and partners, as well as a customer and system integration service.