PacketFront develops, designs, and operates open access fibre networks. Customers include the largest and most successful municipal and utility fibre networks in the world, as well as property developers, carriers and cable companies.

Panorama Antennas Ltd

Panorama manufactures a wide range of antennas to suit all frequencies from 150 MHz to 5 GHz, covering a wide range of applications including 3G, DAB, GPRS, GPS, in-building, ISM Band, M2M, GSM, P25, PMR, TETRA UHF, TETRA 800 and LAN.

Panorama is based in Wandsworth, London, has sales offices in seven countries and an online store specialising in 3G and WLAN. The company is currently owned and run by Leon Jesman’s sons, Andrew and Christopher, who act as joint managing directors.

Performance Technologies UK Ltd

Performance Technologies  is a global supplier of integrated IP-based platforms and solutions for advanced communications networks and innovative computer system architectures. They offer application-ready platforms that incorporate open standards-based software and hardware. Their Signalling Systems Group offers the SEGway™ product suite, which includes IP STPs, SS7 over IP transport solutions, and signalling gateways that enable lower operating costs through utilization of IP networks, thereby creating competitive advantages for carriers in existing and emerging markets.


Established in 2000, picoChip provides technology products that enable new types of cellular communications service as well as design and deploy femtocells. Their technology is currently in use by over a hundred network operators, including eight of the global top ten. In addition to an active in-house R&D program, picoChip pursue an active policy of collaboration with leading third-party developers, and are active on standards committees and industry forums.


Pixip.net delivers End-to-End Quality of Service and Testing systems using their EMQP platform, which provides test automation for bearer testing, active E2E service testing,

Pixip.net is a vendor in End-to-End Quality of Service and Testing systems. Their QoS platform EMQP provides test automation for; Bearer Testing for communications networks; Active End-to-End Service Testing for voice, video, messaging and VoIP; Video and Voice Quality with PESQ/MOS and PEVQ and Drive and Mobile Testing with GPS and Network status logging. Amongst other quality testing and monitoring, they also provide global roaming quality management supporting IREG, CAMEL, TADIG and GRQ tests in over 100 locations worldwide.


Plumettaz designs, manufactures and sells cable-laying machines and accessories such as cablepulling twin capstan winches, machines for Jetting cables and cables and equipment for overhead line construction.

In order to meet with the requirements of recent fibe optic network concepts, Plumettaz has developed new methods and equipment for the installation of microducts and microcables (FTTx), including MD, Microjet, Minijet and UltimaZ.  Plumettaz's equipment is sold throughout the world under the PLUMETT trademark.

PowerOasis Ltd

PowerOasis are a UK based company providing turnkey, off-grid power solutions for operators of mobile phone base stations. Their consultancy services and analysis tools to help telecommunications companies establish which of their off-grid base stations will benefit the most from a PowerOasis solution and intelligent base station management tools allow operators to manage, evaluate and control their base stations remotely.

PRISMA Engineering Srl

Prisma Engineering S.r.l. is an independent supplier of design and developement services for software and electronic systems in the industrial and telecommunications fields.

The company was set up in 1986 by a group of young engineers with professional experiences in computer, electronic and automation sciences. Since its creation the company has been involved in projects with a high technology content and has gained a wide experience in many design fields.

Prosilient Technologies AB

Prosilient Technologies is a provider of application aware E2E (end-to-end) service performance management, QoS measurement and SLA supervision systems for multiplay communication networks.

Prosilient Technologies was founded in January 2003 and is a Swedish company with headquarters in Stockholm.