Ubidyne develops digital wireless technology for mobile users. Their purely digital transmission technology will help to enable the next wave of global wireless users in both developing and developed nations. Ubidyne’s team have successfully completed more than 250 chip designs and 110 patents in radio and related technologies and their patented technology enables an all-digital distributed architecture comprised of unique algorithms and proprietary ASICs allowing for efficient wideband transmission and standards agnostic digital reception.

Ubiquisys Ltd

Ubiquisys provides encapsulated femtocell modules that consumer electronics manufacturers can integrate for themselves. Products include NETGEAR's DVG834GH and SerComm's FC210U.


u-blox is a fabless semiconductor provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. U-blox solutions enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

With a broad portfolio of GPS modules, cards, chips, and software solutions together with wireless modules and solutions, u-blox is positioned to enable OEMs to develop innovative solutions.

United Hubbing

United Hubbing Limited is a wholesale carrier of international voice traffic to and from its installed gateways in Europe, Asia and Africa. In

Upzide Technologies AB

UpZide specialises in the design of broadband communication systems for wireline and wireless applications.

They offer a wide range of services and solutions in the areas of: signal processing, algorithms and system designs, processor based ASIC designs and architectures, modelling and simulations, and embedded software design.

Based in Sweden, UpZide was founded by the key individuals that invented and developed the Zipper DMT technology, a concept that is the cornerstone of the international VDSL2 standard.